Review Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, The Dark Past of the Deaths


Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days is a continuation of the first film entitled Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds. This film takes place shortly after the previous film. This time the killers must guard the court from Soo-Hong, a young soldier who died by mistake and faces his dark past. The killers are also tasked with confronting a god who is on the run.

Yep, this time Dafunda Movie had the opportunity to make a brief review of the Korean action fantasy film. Let’s see the review Along with the Gods 2 below

RevieworAlong with the Gods 2 Ulasan Review
Charts Along with the Gods 2 (85/100)
Along with the Gods 2 still presents captivating graphics from the world of Korean cinema. The computer effects that are presented are very smooth, showing several fighting scenes in slow-motion. In addition, in this second film, it presents more of the original setting because it tells the story of life before they became life killers. For the setting in ‘Hereafter’, some of the settings seem a little rough, especially the computerization of monsters and other animals.

Storyline Along with the Gods 2 (91/100)
The storyline along with the Gods 2 is very complex, starting from the trial of the perfect soul, to the problems in the past of these killers. This past story is peeled off bit by bit, combining the story of Soo Hong’s death. The dark past of Gang Rim’s brotherhood, team leader with Hae Won Maek the White Wildcat. As well as the complexity of their deaths make this film has a good plot.

In addition, Man Deok Sang as the guardian god of the house also makes Duk-Choon know about the past relationship with these two friends. The film ends with signs that a third film will be made and there will be a new killer. This second film also doesn’t show too many fights like the first film which makes it a bit less enjoyable.

Characters Along with the Gods 2 (80/100)
The most suitable role in this film is played by Ma Dong Seok as the guardian god of the house. He has a calm role towards humans and tough with the looters. His big body but cute face makes him suitable for the small children in the film.

Ju Ji Hoon is also quite great in playing his role. Especially after his character found out that he was a great person in the past, his haughty nature emerged. He began to be arrogant with an odd face. But when she found out about her dark past, she even changed her hairstyle to be more presentable and looked sloppy, but it fits perfectly with the storyline.

Kim Hyan Gi also looks very graceful when playing with children. Meanwhile, Kim Dong Wook plays a nonchalant role with his reincarnation, visibly interested in a new job with the king of Yeomra. Ha Jung Woo seems lacking because the role is too complex.

Music Along with the Gods 2 (73/100)
The film doesn’t include much music, just that each scene has a suitable background. The score is enough to make this film feel more upbeat and dramatic.

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