[REVIEW] Adventure Record Status


Based on the comic series Than Dong Dat Viet by artist Le Linh, Trang Ti Phieu Luu Ky (2021) tells the story of a boy Ti (Huu Khang), an orphaned father, living in Phan Thi village with his mother Hai Hau. Without a father, Ti was told by the villagers that he was an illegitimate child and looked down on all kinds of things.

Only Tiger, Ox, and Meo are willing to ignore the familiar reputation with Ti, even though Moi sometimes makes fun of Ti’s fatherlessness. One day, it was rumored that the abbot Thich Thong Tue of Phat Quang Temple knew everything in the world, so the group of village servants Phan Thi decided to embark on an arduous journey to the temple, hoping to know the true identity. of Ti’s father.

Although in the spirit of using the series Than Dong Dat Viet as inspiration for the film, Trang Ti Phien Luu Ky easily makes viewers feel that they are watching a completely different movie. Or if the audience is familiar with the original comic book, the film is like a prequel before the event Ti went to the Imperial City to take the exam.

Although there are segments that remind the audience of the series such as Ti calling grapefruit, measuring with his intelligence, the film has almost no memorable highlights. The story of Ti finding his father is too easy to guess. The twist is easy to spot. Even Ti’s choice at the end of the film can be easily deduced. The tempo of the movie spreads again. The legend of Than Tiger Cave is clearly inspired by the magical cave in Disney’s Aladdin (1992). Many of the scenes that take place in the cave don’t fit the logic.

The fact that Ti is called a bastard is also realistic and reasonable for the context of the film’s era. Phan Thi is just a fictional village, so it’s not a big deal that child actors have different backgrounds and voices.

The most important thing is that Trang Ti Phieu Luu Ky is not strong enough to exude Ti’s intelligence, slyness, sometimes cunning, Mam’s intrigue or Dan Beo’s childish opportunism, and the Ox. faint again. The reason may be due to the immature acting of the child actors and the different script. But at their age, the performances in the film are also considered decent.

Status Ti Phieu Luu Ky has almost no sly, childishness of the series. Instead, the film focuses on the magical element to weave a mystical story, especially about the origin of Ti.

Ignoring the controversy about copyright, about artist Le Linh, I wonder if Trang Ti Phieu Luu Ky has edited too much to the point of losing the soul of the original? It’s okay to be creative, but is it okay to fix things that aren’t inherently broken.

Ti, Ox, Dan, Moi are the core of the Vietnamese Prodigy, but not thanks to the mystical element, but thanks to the character of the langur and the thrilling adventures associated with Vietnamese history. This is unfortunately not shown in the movie. On the contrary, we get to see what a story Ti does before becoming a fairy-tale “Status” and special effects with a strong Disney smell.

Or this could be because the director intentionally kept it hidden, in order to use it as a premise for the sequel. Many of the details here make no secret of director Phan Gia Nhat Linh’s intention to make many sequels.

Many questions by the end of the film remain unanswered. What does the Titus stone worn around the neck contain? What is the meaning of monk Thich Thong Tue’s hidden meaning? Who is Tieu Ti really and what is his relationship with Ti? The questions above are all masked with generic answers. Obviously, this is a bait to make viewers curious, waiting for the next part. However, whether the latter will be produced or not depends on factors.

Status Ti Ti Adventure Ky is not so unsightly, it’s average. With the investment of Studio 68, the film still has a complete three-act story, bright tones, kind effects, clear voice, promoting friendship, kindness, parenthood, and human morality. . With these factors in mind, this is without a doubt a movie geared towards families and children rather than the audience that grew up with the Vietnamese Prodigy – who will certainly have a more critical view of the young. for movies.