Revealing Cameo Characters in ‘The Batman’


Joker character suspected to appear as a cameo in ‘The Batman’ film

“One day you are on top. Furthermore, you are a clown” – Joker?

A glimmer of conversation when the Riddler is in Arkham Mental Hospital at the end of the movie ‘ The Batman ‘. The words spoken (Barry Keoghan) left fans speculating about the continuation of the next Batman film series.

Matt Reeves has also confirmed that the character is none other than the Joker, who begins an unlikely friendship with Edward Nashton/ the Riddler (Paul Dano).

Reeves said it’s unclear if the Joker will appear in a sequel, and the scene was meant to illustrate how unstable Gotham was due to the power vacuum following the fall of Carmine Falcone (John Turturro).

However, there is plenty of evidence that Reeves isn’t done with the Riddler yet. The Riddler and Joker pairing has been fertile ground in recent comic book history, and could provide a foreshadowing for ‘The Batman 2’.

The two villains have shared a number of stories in their comic book appearance careers, but until recently, it was relatively rare to see the two share substantial story time.

They once worked together to turn Bruce Wayne into the Bat-Hulk in ‘The Brave and The Bold No. 68’ in 1966. The duo’s return as part of the grand scheme of things in ‘Detective Comics No. 526’ in 1983, celebrating Batman’s 500th appearance in the comics.

The award should be given to the author of ‘Tom King’ and artist Mikel Janin, who managed to turn the situation to their advantage with the 2017 storyline in the Batman comic book series in the comic “The War of Jokes and Riddles” seems to be a perfect follow -up to the debut film Matt Reeves for Gotham City.

As the title suggests, “The War of Jokes and Riddles” centers around the conflict between two criminals who are fighting for control of Gotham after their relationship soured.

Initially it was Riddler who formed this evil friendship duo by suggesting a plan to kill Batman. However, it seems that the Joker does not agree because it will eliminate the sense of humor of the iconic Gotham character.

As the conflict grew, “The War” abandoned the idea that Batman really was at the center of everything. At one point, he even chose a side in the fight, which had grown to include multiple supervillains rapidly destroying Gotham City. Batman himself is driven to such an extent that he tries to kill at one point to end the conflict.

This assassination attempt ended the war. Watching Batman fall so low made the Joker laugh, breaking the tension that threatened to screw things up. As explained in the story’s framing sequence, the entire period represents Batman at its lowest point. All the annoyances and conflicts experienced by Batman with this villain duo seem suitable for the story of ‘The Batman’ next.

The Batman featured in the comic “The War of Jokes and Riddles” was the start of his career, as was the new incarnation of Robert Pattinson. His character is not as skilled and psychologically invulnerable as the majority of Batman portrayals. In the end this became the story of the hero’s failure and made him to be more advanced than his previous self.

The addition of two iconic villains who attack each other without caring too much about the main hero, the unfolding romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, and some emotional psychological terror makes it ideal for The Batman’s introduction to Gotham and its very special nightlife.

While waiting for ‘The Batman 2’, the base comic “The War of Jokes and Riddles” is now available in digital form on the DC Universe Infinite service. Although not a reference for the next feature film, the existence of the Joker and the Riddler in one big scheme is worth seeing.