Return of Mary Poppins, along with her best friend: Jack in Mary Poppins Returns


The return of Mary Poppins, along with her best friend: Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda), and her eccentric cousin: Topsy (Meryl Streep), immediately brings a glimmer of hope. The presence of the Magical Nanny brings Michael Banks and his children on an exciting adventure. Which is amazing. Which brings back love. And laughter. in their life.

FYI, Mary Poppins Returns is the second classic live-action film released by Disney in 2018. To be precise, after they succeeded in inviting the audience to reminisce through Christopher Robin (2018) last August.

Mary Poppins Returns seems to be a refresher by offering a meaningful family story. Especially, in the midst of the rush of superhero and sci-fi themed films throughout December 2018. Moreover, this film made by Rob Marshall also presents cheerful songs that are memorable typical of Disney.

When viewed from the plot, at first glance, Mary Poppins Returns is indeed similar to Christopher Robin. Because both target family audiences and offer a nostalgic feel. In addition, the story is also told through original characters who have grown up and have children.

The director, Rob Marshall, who has experience directing Into the Woods (2014), said he was very honored to have been chosen by Disney to work on the sequel to the Mary Poppins film. According to him, Mary Poppins Returns is a new form of musical film. From start to finish. Which is very rare.

In terms of story, Rob Marshall explained, he was very attached to the book Mary Poppins. Therefore, the story of Mary Poppins Returns, which is set in the 1930s, will not be far from the novel series by PL Travers.

For some of the fantasy scenes in Mary Poppins Returns, Rob Marshall used special classic animations. In order to give the impression of nostalgia for old fans. He involved more than 70 animators, from 20 years old to 70 years old, to work on this USD 130 million budget film.

Meanwhile, Julie Andrews, who played Mary Poppins in the first film, denied rumors that she would appear as a cameo in Mary Poppins Returns. Actually, Disney did offer him to appear, but he refused. Instead, Disney then featured co-star Andrews. Alias ​​as Bert in the first film: Dick Van Dyke. Who, this time, played the chairman of the bank that would foreclose on Michael Banks’ house: Mr. Dawes Jr.

Besides Dick Van Dyke, in Mary Poppins Returns, there is also Angela Lansbury. Yang plays a character who didn’t appear in the first film, but is in the book version: The Balloon Lady. Lansbury is a legendary actress who was once cast as Mary Poppins. However, in the end, it was Julie Andrews who was chosen.

On the other hand, when interviewed, Julie Andrews admitted that she did not want to appear as a cameo. Because, according to him, Mary Poppins Returns is an Emily Blunt film. In addition, the legendary actress also praised Blunt as a very fun and talented star. As the main character in Mary Poppins Returns, Emily Blunt herself admitted that she had great respect for Julie Andrews.