Results of the 2023 elections in Neuquén: Rolando Figueroa won with more than 36% of the votes


Rolando Figueroa will be the next governor of Neuquén
Rolando Figueroa will be the next governor of Neuquén

The national deputy rolando figueroa He made history in Neuquén by beating the Neuquén Popular Movement (MPN), a space that had not lost an election for more than 60 years, and becoming the next governor of this province.

with his forehead neuquinizethe opposition leader, who in the lower house continues to be part of the MPN bloc, stood in the elections on April 16 and defeated the ruling party candidate, the current lieutenant governor, Marcos Koopmann.

Of the 546,166 Neuquén people authorized to vote along with 7,128 foreigners who could do so at 1,712 polling stations distributed in 331 schools throughout the province, the Provincial Electoral Board reported that the participation of the electorate was 76.20%.

With all the polling stations already scrutinized, according to data from the Electoral Court, Figueroa obtained the 36.94% of the votes, while he stayed with the 34.40% of the votes, thus ending a six-decade hegemony.

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Third was Ramon Riosecofrom the Front of All Neuquino, with a 13.15%and in fourth position the candidate of Javier Milei, Carlos Eguia (Meet) with a 8.25%. While the Neuquén candidate for Together for Change, Paul Cervigot the 3.88%leaving last Patricia Jurefrom the Left Front, which reached the 3.37%.

The leader beat the MPN by a narrow margin
The leader beat the MPN by a narrow margin

Figueroa broke with the ruling party after being prevented from competing and decided to organize a multi-party alliance, with leaders from all sectors -even from the extremes of the crack- and called for a “great Neuquén agreement”, with which this Sunday he managed to be elected governor.

After thanking the people of Neuquén “for a decisive day,” the Community Front leader stressed that their victory and the defeat of the MPN after six decades are “a sign towards politics.” “These 40 years of democracy we demonstrate with more democracy. It is a signal towards politics: ´the cracks do a lot of damage and, from Neuquén, we send an important message´“said the governor-elect.

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President Alberto Fernandez congratulated him after the victory: “After 40 years of democracy, we continue to celebrate it every day when citizens can express themselves as they did today in Neuquén. Congratulations governor-elect Rolo Figueroa and all the people of Neuquén, ”wrote the national president on his Twitter account.

In second place was Marcos Koopmann, the candidate of the ruling party
In second place was Marcos Koopmann, the candidate of the ruling party

For his part, former President Mauricio Macri compared Figueroa’s triumph with the world cup reached by the Argentine Soccer Team. “As the boys from the National Team showed us in Qatar, I am more convinced than ever that we are facing a change of era. Congratulations Rolo Figueroa for this historic triumph!!!”, he wrote.

From the PRO, it was also expressed Patricia Bullrichwho emphasized the referents of the yellow party that accompanied the list of the elected provincial leader.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, said: “After 60 years we are going to change Neuquén with necessary transformations. I celebrate the change of course that the Neuquinos chose. I have no doubts that it is the path to the transformation of the country”.

During a subsequent statement to the press, Figueroa pointed out that now he has to “sit down with the national government and analyze everything Neuquén contributes to balance the balance of payments, how much it contributes to achieve energy sovereignty.”

“Today Argentina cannot be sustained without Neuquén, well, we need the infrastructure so that the people of Neuquén can live better”he added.

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