Release Today! Robert Pattinson Plays Bruce Wayne in The Batman 2022!

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The Batman movie lovers in the country can’t wait to see the latest series The Batman (2022) which will be released today, Wednesday (2/3).

In the series The Batman 2022 this time actor Robert Pattinson will play Bruce Wayne.

Of course, this is the moment that DC fans all over the world have been waiting for.

As is well known actor Robert Pattinson started his career as a musician, especially piano and guitar, before plunging into the world of entertainment as an actor.

In the course of his career, Pattinson had appeared in several pubs and bars for his solo acoustic guitar shows around the London area at the age of 20.

Although he had attended a local amateur theater school as one of the stage crew, Robert Pattinson never looked into the world of acting because he was known to be shy and felt he was not good at acting The Batman 2022.

Pattinson finally landed his first role as a Cuban dancer after several years working in Theatre. At that time he began to venture to audition Guys and Dolls.

The drama above managed to bring Robbert Pattinson to get the main role in Our Town.

Starting from here, Pattinson finally glimpsed by a talent scout and then solidified his steps as an actor.

There is an interesting incident when Robert Pattinson played his first screen movie as a supporter in Vanity Fair (2004). The director cut Pattinson role without prior notice.

Then because he felt guilty Robert Pattinson was given the opportunity by the director to audition in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).

In this series Robert Pattinson managed to get the role of Cedric Diggory. The role that finally made his name known and skyrocketed in the world of acting.

Starting from this role he eventually starred in many movies produced mostly TV in the UK.

But even though he is already quite famous in England, Hollywood has not even glanced at Pattinson even though he has sent his audition tapes several times.

Robert Pattinson moment in Hollywood finally arrived when he landed the role of Edward Cullen in the movie adaptation of Stephen Meyer novel Twilight.

The Twilight movie, which aired five sequels from 2008 – 2012 finally sold well and brought Pattinson to worldwide fame.

In between starring in the movie Twilight as Edward Pattinson also starred in several other movies such as Remember Me (2010), Water For Elephants (2011), and Bel Ami (2012).

As if not satisfied with his fame in the movie Twilight Patinson again starred in the movie The Cosmopolis (2012).

The movie is described by Pattinson as the moment where he finally realized why he loved cinema so much and became an actor in the first place.

Pattinson interesting moment also occurred when he was given a six-minute round of applause at the Canes movie Festival, thanks to his transformation into a con artist in the crime thriller Good Time (2017).

Pattinson was also nominated for best actor at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Pattinson career seemed to continue to climb. He again starred in the western comedy Damsel (2018).

After that Pattinson was cast in the psychological drama movie High Life (2018) from the famous French director Claire Denis.

In 2020 Robert Pattinson returns to star in Netflix hit movie The Devil All The Time (2020).

In the movie, Pattinson plays a corrupt priest who likes to seduce young girls and often sexually abuses girls.

Most recently, as anticipated, Pattinson will play DC Comics Superhero Batman in Matt Revees’ movie The Batman (2022). The movie which also became Pattinson comeback in mainstream movies.