‘Release photos’ Jennie at the airport departing for France to attend Fashion Week: The mood is more relaxed!


The recent pictures of Jennie (BLACKPINK) at the airport make people “thrill”. It is known that she will depart for France to attend Paris Fashion Week.

Until the next appointment, the pieces of the group BLACKPINK have again become the “magnet” of the interest of the four-country folk, earning millions of interactions for the shows within the framework of French Fashion Week. social networking platform.

Following Rosé and Jisoo, Jennie is the next member to go to France to attend Paris Fashion Week for the Chanel show.

On the morning of October 2, Jennie appeared at the airport, attracting the attention of reporters and fans with a beautiful and elegant appearance.

As always, she never disappoints us with her looks. The female idol wears a luxurious Chanel tree. With the dominant black tone, the most minimalist make-up face, Jennie still stands out at the airport, her “tycoon” aura is unmistakable.

Jennie’s mood seems to be better than before, it can be seen that she is more comfortable in front of the camera. In particular, the female idol’s “dumpling cheeks” really “captured” fans’ hearts.

Dressed in luxurious clothes, Jennie still exudes her usual cuteness

Jennie’s super cute cheeks

The moment that makes people “lose their hearts”

Jennie also interacted with young fans.

Other pictures of Jennie at the airport:

This year, like every year, the public continues to look forward to the appearance of Jennie as well as to admire the designs of the famous Chanel fashion house.