Release Date, Story, Cast, and Updates of The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3

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If you’ve never been an anime fan, you’re definitely living under a rock. Anime fever is as high as K-dramas, if not more so. And rightly so because it is one of the best binge-watching genres of all time. Fans can’t help but fall in love with the anime because of its addictive storyline and smiley moments.

However, one thing that not many people know is that behind every anime, there is always a comic or light book. After the audience’s reaction to the book, the story usually develops into an anime.

And one of the most enjoyed light novels of all time is The Irregular At Magic High School. It is based on the concept of sci-fi. Those who like this light novel will be pleased to know that it was adapted into an anime series which premiered on April 6, 2014. Both the light novel and the anime series share the same name.

The series is also available in English on Aniplus Asia, which is fantastic news for light book and anime fans around the world. Hanabee and Aniplex of America are the licensees for the series. The Irregular At Magic High School has had two seasons to date, both of which have aired a total of 39 episodes.

If you liked the light novel, The Irregular At Magic High School, you will be pleased to know that it has been adapted into an anime series. , GTV, and GYT. The first season of the anime series lasted 26 episodes and finished on September 28, 2014.

Season 2 follows a weekly release schedule, with each episode debuting once a week. The second season of the anime series finished on December 27, 2020, and consists of only 13 episodes. The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 will soon be available to watch worldwide.

However, the series was delayed due to several reasons. Now in the recent announcement made by the production company, the series was supposed to be released this year for Season 3.. . . . .

The narration of The Irregular At Magic High School revolves around Tatsuya Shiba, a young boy who works as a bodyguard for his younger sister Miyuki Shiba. However, they enroll in a High School that selects students based on their magical abilities! Season 2 of The Irregular At Magic High School follows the same plot as Season 1 due to the fact that both seasons are based on the same light novel. In the near future, The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 will premiere and be more or less based on the same novel and follow a similar storyline.

The has been released in Japan, as per reports. We’ll see another teaser for Season 3 soon, as the creators of The Irregular at Magic High School have already said that it will. However, Netflix hasn’t released any trailers yet, so it may be worth waiting a little longer.

Meanwhile, if you want to see both seasons of The Irregular At Magic High School, you can do so by visiting Netflix. If you’ve never seen the series before, you can check out the Season 1 trailer below to get an idea of ​​what it’s all about and how you’ll like it.

Irregular Characters in Magic High School Season 3
This anime series, like the light book series, has great characters that make it worth watching and reading.

On the other hand, the cast for Season 3 has yet to be revealed.

Story setting
The series is set in an alternate historical world where magic exists and has been perfected by contemporary technology. The capacity to use magic, on the other hand, is determined by heredity, limiting the number of magicians on the planet. The world’s superpowers moved to these four countries after the 20-year-long Third World War, which brought the world’s population down to 3 billion people. The four countries are the United States of America North America (USNA), the New Soviet Union, the Great Asian Alliance, and Japan. In Japan, Ten MastersClans, not governments, controlled wizarding society informally. Due to the scarcity of magicians, they are considered a commodity and forced to enroll in schools and occupations related to magic.