Red Planet has a complete story about the planet Mars From the formation of the unique surface of the planet Mars


A film Red Planet tells the story of the planet Mars. Created by Nat Geo based on history, spacecraft research.

But it’s really detailed from the initial research, to tell the Curiosity robot that walks on the planet Mars. Makes us understand why it is so difficult to study a planet even if it is just next to Earth.

Researchers from JPL Nasa have mapped the planet Mars from every place. What we imagine the planet Mars to be like a desert is actually not like that.

Take a closer look at the planet Mars, very far from Earth.

Earth will be seen with the surface of a flat desert, forest or winding mountains.

Mars is an arid world, and there are many meteor craters.

Researchers are looking for some traces on the surface of the planet Mars, and estimate what has happened until Mars finally became a dead planet.

Red Planet was released early 2020 with a duration of 1 hour 27 minutes.

Telling what was there, why Mars was finally destroyed, the small size of hurricanes that often appeared.

Until Nasa prepared a new mission with rover 2020.

As of 2020, Nasa has 2 active modern instruments, one Curiosity robot to explore and one InSight static probe to examine the planet’s lower surface.

Nasa once sent the Mariner 4 spacecraft to take close-up pictures of Mars. But the photos obtained are only black and white.

The latest mission uses an electronic camera or digital camera in the 21st century. The images obtained are very different from those of decades ago.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter aircraft was launched in 2005 and arrived in Mars orbit in 2006, mapping the planet Mars in great detail and even taking pictures of the entire surface.

The main mission now is as a rover relay station working on Mars.

Carrying the most powerful camera ever carried by a spacecraft. Capable of taking pictures from above with a sharpness of 1 pixel equivalent to 1 pixel of a basketball.

It’s like seeing a painting on the surface of another world seeing the results of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter plane.


Location of Syrtis Major and Noachis Terra

What is enshrined is very different, in some places like a peaceful desert, more flat.

But there were found several large craters where meteor marks had been seen, and in the large craters there were also small crater holes.

In some places it has craters only 10 meters deep, so it is very small or where meteors fall on the surface of Mars.

But large craters generally formed millions of years ago. And one of the largest craters hundreds of km is thought to be able to throw rocks into space. Sending shards out of the planet Mars.

The rocks that flew finally reached the earth were also found by researchers with estimates that they came from the planet Mars.

The shape of the rock is very different from the usual meteorite, having a black surface like an orange peel.

It is estimated that it came from rocks that were thrown by a large meteor collision from the planet Mars, the rocks that came out into space orbit have an age of about 5 million years ago.


Valles Marineris

Found a very large canyon, much larger than the Grand Canyon.

It is 4000km long, 200km wide and 7km deep

Referred to as the longest canyon in the entire planet of the solar system, researchers call Big Daddy.

These canyons were not formed by water, but by tectonic cracks on the surface of the planet Mars and split the surface of the land.

So big, from space it looks like a crack.

The researcher said that if you were there, you could see it from end to end, he said, because it was so wide and deep.


Mount Olympus.

Imagining the size of this mountain is like a dream. The size of the mountain has a height of 25 km from the surface, 2.5 times higher than the top of Everest.

The largest mountain in the solar system can form large, because the gravity on Mars is smaller.

Mountains are not cone-shaped, but mountains are formed with curves


Martian Damage

From the traces of water found, why is the planet Mars currently a cold desert

Researchers say there was a change in millions or even billions of years ago, the planet Mars should have had oceans.

But the planet’s magnet is not as strong as the earth’s magnetic field where the earth’s core with iron produces a natural generator.

From the earth’s magnet serves as a protector or shield, able to withstand the sweep of the solar wind and deflect, making the earth’s atmosphere survive as it is today.

Another function is that solar wind radiation and space radiation do not penetrate the atmosphere, and provide protection for creatures under the atmosphere.

Instead Mars was destroyed, because the planet has no protection.

In fact, most of the atmosphere evaporates and water vapor is released.

What remains is CO2 gas as much as 95% is still in the Martian atmosphere and the temperature there is very cold below 0 degrees.

Nasa sends a weather station on the planet Mars, called InSight.

Monitor the vibrations of Mars earthquakes, as well as record the temperature.

Insight notes, the temperature of September 2020, the hottest is just below 0 degrees, and the coldest reaches -90 degrees Celsius

Planet Earth’s pressure is around 1,013 millibars, the air pressure on Mars is very low, only 6 – 7 millibars

Red Planet, Earth in 2025 is a crowded and polluted place. Very bad situation. Scientists also decided to prepare Mars for human life. They launched a spacecraft to Mars. Oxygen-producing algae become their life support.

The experiment worked fine, but suddenly the algae became dying. Oxygen levels dropped dramatically. A group of scientists then sent to the red planet. They find out why the planet’s biotechnology failed.

The long flight went well. Team leaders Carrie Anne Moss and Val kilmer were on the expedition. They eventually make it to Mars, and before finding a safe orbit, an ion storm destroys the ship’s electrical and computer systems.

Five people escape by rocket to the surface of Mars. The landing was very rough, one of the team was seriously injured. They begin their journey across the desert with 24 hours remaining before the oxygen runs out.

Red Planet is a science fiction thriller film directed by Antony Hoffman. The film stars Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss and Tom Sizemore. The film, which was released in November 2000, was bombarded with criticism, not to mention its commercial failure.


The film Red Planet has a complete story about the planet Mars

From the formation of the unique surface of the planet Mars, also reviewed one by one the causes of the occurrence of streaks in the desert, the presence of ice in the polar areas.

There are traces of microbial traces from rocks on the planet Mars, the planet Mars should have had the beginning of life but failed.

Slowly, technology that starts with black and white photos, in the next few years will get more complete data with the planet Mars.

The film tells the beginning of research on the planet Mars in 1964, what was found on this arid planet, and human plans to go to Mars

Then what about the later mission of humans to live on the planet Mars, are they able to create new colonies from different worlds.

No atmospheric protection. radiation from space that is harmful to living things can penetrate to the surface.

The film Red Planet also tells, one place where it is very possible for human missions to Mars to survive there.