Recommended Webtoon Recommendations



1. The Remarried Empress

This webtoon is a romantic fantasy genre with an almost perfect total rating , which is 9.87%. The webtoon ” The Remarried Empress ” tells of a royal queen named Navier who is in danger of being divorced by King Soviesch for the slave girl he finds on the hunt.

Long story short, in the midst of the difficulties that Navier faces, a handsome prince appears who changes his life and helps him get through this difficult time. This is where the strange and interesting romance begins!

2. Gaje’s Couple

Yep, you didn’t misread the title. Pasutri Gaje is a romantic genre Webtoon with a rating of 9.78%. The Gaje Couple ‘s webtoon is also a must-read webtoon !

The reason is because this comic presents a romantic story wrapped in a stomach-churning comedy. Pasutri Gaje tells the story of the household life of Adimas and Adelia, a husband and wife couple who work as civil servants in the local village and sub-district.