Recommended War Movies Based on True Stories


Talking about war films is endless. War films based on true stories have their own charm in the hearts of the audience. Not only has a high historical value, but can also touch the hearts of the audience.

Come on, let’s look at the recommendations for war films based on true stories that are full of emotion and sadness. Don’t forget to prepare tissues, OK!



1. ‘American Sniper’ (2014)
This biographical film tells the story of the most lethal legendary sniper, Chris Kyle of the United States Navy Special Forces in the Iraq War. In the film, it is told that Chris experienced a trauma that caused him to feel guilty because many lives were not saved.

This film depicts scenes on a real battlefield . The film also describes the psychic conditions ‘ after-effect’ experienced by the legendary after the war.

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2. ‘Megan Leavey’ (2017)
Megan Leavey’s film tells the story of the human-animal closeness between a female soldier named Megan Leavey and her dog. He is paired with a veteran military dog ​​named Rex to find hidden bombs and mines to save lives in the Iraq War.

Megan herself did not think that the bond between herself and Rex would be so strong. Mainly because Rex himself is a fierce and difficult dog to approach.


3. ‘Unbroken’ (2014)
This war- survival film, inspired by a true story, tells of Louie Zamperini, a bomb specialist during World War II. Once upon a time the plane that he and his friends were riding in crashed in the open ocean.

For 47 days he and his friends were adrift at sea until the Japanese soldiers found them and took them to a military camp as prisoners of war. While in the Japanese military camp, he and his friends were tortured and forced to work.


4. ‘Northern Limit Line’ (2015)
Northern Limit Line is a tear- jerking war film between North and South Korea. This film is based on true events in 2002 to coincide with the World Cup. A South Korean patrol boat that received a surprise attack from a North Korean patrol boat in the NLL Sea or the border waters between North and South Korea.

In the midst of the euphoria of the excitement of the World Cup, the inevitable attack made the soldiers in the border waters die. Don’t forget to prepare tissues when watching this film!


5. ‘The Battle of Jangsari’ (2019)
Jangsari is the name of a beach in the North Gyeongsang area, South Korea which is located adjacent to the North Korean border. A total of 772 South Korean students who only attended military training for 2 weeks were included in the war mission against North Korea.

These student soldiers are still 17 years old on average, but they have taken on a tough task to outwit North Korean soldiers to Jangsari Beach. Their heroic story certainly drains the audience’s tears.

Those are five recommendations for war films based on true stories that are full of emotion and sadness. You can watch with friends or family at a leisurely time. Besides being able to be watched in your spare time, these films can be a fun educational learning tool for history. Enjoy watching!