Recommended Netflix originals for April 2022


1. Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood (April 1)

Netflix opens April 2022 with an animated sci-fi genre film that focuses on a man who tells his life story when he was 10 years old in 1969. This film will depict children’s views of the events of Apollo 11 which landed on the Moon that year.

2. Green Mothers’ Club (April 6)

Netflix recommendations are incomplete without Korean drama shows. One of the newest dramas that you can watch in April 2022 is Green Mothers’ Club which involves Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, and Kim Gyu-ri as players. This drama tells the story of five competitive mothers in the elementary school community who get closer to each other while keeping their enemies close.

3. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (April 8th)

In addition to the series, in April 2022 we also have a Korean spectacle in the form of a film, namely Yaksha: Ruthless Operations. The story of this film focuses on the leader of an espionage agency and a famous prosecutor who is forced to join the secret organization. This film stars Park Hae-soo who some time ago had success through the Squid Game series.

4. Elite: Season 5 (April 8)

The drama that took place in the Las Encinas school is still not over. This time the Elite series from Spain is back with its fifth season and also invites a number of new players. In this new school year in Las Encinas, there will be new mysteries as the students are immersed in various dangerous secrets.

5. Our Blues (April 9)

Our Blues is a Korean drama that replaces the broadcast slot for the Twenty-Five Twenty-One series which will end on April 3. The Korean drama Our Blues is an anthology story that focuses on the relationships and heartwarming stories of residents living on Jeju Island. This drama involves a number of well-known Korean artists, such as Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, to Kim Woo-bin.

6. My Liberation Notes (April 9th)

Another Korean drama that Netflix recommends in April 2022 is My Liberation Notes. This slice of life drama tells the story of three brothers who are fed up with life as adults and now want to find happiness from their flat life. This drakor story is the result of the work of the author who was previously successful with the My Mister series which is also a slice of life genre.

7. Ultraman: Season 2 (14 April)

After the success of its first season, Netflix has now re-released the latest season of the Ultraman anime in 2022. In this second season, Shinjiro aka Ultraman must team up with Seven, Ace, Zoffy, Jack, and Taro to fight a new alien threat.

8. Choose or Die (15 April)

This Netflix recommendation will be perfect for those of you who like the survival genre. Because, Choose or Die focuses on Kayla (Iola Evan), a college student who seeks his fortune through a video game from the 1980s. However, Kayla and her friends are thrown into a mysterious world and must survive in order to get a prize of 100 thousand dollars.

9. The Seven Lives of Lea (April 22)

Do you like mystery-themed shows? If so, the series The Seven Lives of Lea will be a mandatory spectacle for you in April 2022. Because, this series tells the story of a woman named Lea who finds the body of a young man. However, after that, Lea actually woke up in the 1990s and underwent body changes seven times while trying to solve the mystery of the man’s death.

10. Bubble (April 28)

Netflix closed the series of recommendations in April 2022 with an anime film called Bubble. This film tells the story of a young man’s meeting with a mysterious girl in the city of Tokyo which is now abandoned with abnormal gravity and full of bubbles. This film was previously screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and received a fairly positive response.