Recommended Korean drama Seol In-ah


1. Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon is the third Korean drama in Seol In-ah’s career as an actress. However, this drama is indeed the first time that In-ah has got a big enough role from her previous appearance only as a cameo. Not only that, this drakor is also what started to make In-ah get great attention as an actress.

This drama is about Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young), a girl with extraordinary powers who now works for the CEO of a game company. However, Bong-soon always appears as a weak girl in front of In Guk-doo (Ji Soo) who is her love interest. In fact, Guk-doo already has a girlfriend who is a cellist, namely Jo Hee-ji (Seol In-ah).

2. School 2017

Before becoming friends in the Business Proposal, Seol In-ah and Kim Se-jeong had already become schoolmates in the Korean drama School 2017. Broadly speaking, this drakor tells the life of a number of final year high school students who are full of twists and turns.

One of them is the figure of Hong Nam-joo (Seol In-ah) who pretends to be the son of a rich person because he is ashamed of his family’s poor condition. When his secret is exposed, Nam-joo is embarrassed and frustrated to be able to return to school.

3. Sunny Again Tomorrow

Sunny Again Tomorrow is the first Korean drama to involve Seol In-ah as the main character. In this family genre drama, In-ah plays Kang Ha-nee, a girl who got fired while working at a home shopping channel after she graduated from high school. This then makes Ha-nee determined to set up her own fashion company.

In-ah starred in a total of 121 episodes in this Korean drama. However, his performances always manage to attract attention and don’t bore the audience at all. Thanks to this drama, In-ah also managed to get an award as “Best New Actress” at the KBS Drama Awards.