Recommended Korean drama Seo Ji-hye


1. 49 Days

49 Days is not Seo Ji-hye’s debut in acting. However, his name is getting more and more popular when he successfully plays a character in this drama. 49 Days tells the story of a tragic accident that befell Shin Ji-hyun (Nam Gyu-ri). She gets into a car accident just days before her wedding with her fiancé, Kang Min-ho (Bae Soo-bin).

The accident happened because Ji-hyun was in a state of shock after seeing her fiancé cheating with her best friend while driving. Well, the best friend is Shin In-jung, played by Seo Ji-hye, who betrays Ji-hyun because she has a grudge. Ji-hye’s stunning appearance as an antagonist in this drama also earned her a nomination at the 2011 SBS Drama Awards.

2. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me tells the story of a man who accepts his dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. The love story that takes place in this drama has been going on for 200 years. Moon Soo-ho (Kim Rae-won) is a wealthy businessman who has a conscience against danger for his love, namely Jung Hae-ra (Shin Se-kyung).

In this drama, Seo Ji-hye plays a fashion designer who owns a boutique with the same name as Sharon. His character has a selfish nature and has a big hidden secret about his age of reaching 200 years. Sharon is forced to live eternally for 200 years with Baek Hee (Chang Mi-hee) because of what he did to Boon Yi aka Jung Hae-ra in the past.

3. Heart Surgeons

For those of you who like medical-themed shows, don’t miss this Korean drama Seo Ji-hye. As the title suggests, the story of the drama Heart Surgeons focuses on a group of surgeons who are fighting to save the lives of their patients.

In the drama Heart Surgeons , Ji-hye plays Yoon Soo-yeon who works as a thoracic surgeon. Soo-yeon is also the son of the director of the Taesan Hospital where he works as well as the main setting for the drama. Thanks to her solid role in this drama, Seo Ji-hye successfully won an award at the 2018 SBS Drama Awards for the “Excellent Actress” category.