Recommended Kingdom-Themed Anime, Latest ‘Ranking of Kings’


The story in the royal themed anime series is not only about luxury and abundant wealth. Usually, the royal-themed plot will discuss the internal and external conflicts of the kingdom which are interesting and quite complicated.

So, who here is a fan of the royal themed anime series? In this article, the author will discuss five recommendations for royal-themed anime that are fun and very sad to miss. Anything? This is the review.

Ranking of Kings : Produced by WIT Studio, Ranking of Kings is the latest royal-themed anime series currently airing. This anime series has a unique style of animation like old school cartoons, so it can give the audience a feel full of nostalgia.

Tells the story of Bojji, the heir to the royal throne who is a person with a disability. Bojji can’t hear and speak, everyone in the kingdom communicates with Bojji using sign language.

Once upon a time, Bojji decided to go on an adventure to find his missing friend. Bojji’s best friend is a creature born from a shadow clan. Since then, Bojji’s long journey began.

Yona of the Dawn : Yona of the Dawn or Akatsuki no Yona is an anime series that was released in the fall of 2014. Even though it’s been running for a long time, there’s nothing wrong with having Yona of the Dawn on your watch list . Presenting an interesting story and filled with characters with captivating visuals, this series is suitable to watch if you are a fan of reverse harem- themed anime .

Tells the story of Yona, a king’s only daughter who lives in luxury. Yona has a desire to marry at a young age with Soo Won, a man she has liked since childhood.

But one night, Yona accidentally caught Soo Won who was killing her father. Armed with courage, Yona and her bodyguard named Son Hak escape from the kingdom and seek reinforcements to attack Soo Won and find out the motive for killing his father.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan : Produced by LIDENFILMS, The Heroic Legend of Arslan or Arslan Senki is an anime series inspired by stories in Iran, you know. With stunning graphics, The Heroic Legend of Arslan presents a story with a royal concept that is full of suspense.

Tells the story of Arslan, a crown prince of the Pars kingdom. At one point, his father, who was a king, had to lose a war, causing the kingdom of Pars to fall into the hands of his enemy, the kingdom of Lusitania.

Together with several new friends and loyal followers named Daryun, Arslan prepares himself for various battles. Even though he is only 14 years old, Arslan dares to take everything that should be his.