Recommended Disney Animated Movies With ‘Everlasting’ Stories

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Disney is very attached to references from many circles, especially through entertainment shows, for example, animated movie.

There are so many interesting stories that have been released by Disney , and make Disney Movies even more diverse, from Disney Superheroes, Disney Original Live Action Movies, or Disney Animation Movies.

The animated Disney film that we will discuss here can be said to have an ‘Everlasting’ story, because of the good writing and execution in its manufacture, and of course it can be watched by many people, plus it has a good moral message.

In this article, we will provide recommendations that we think are interesting and worth watching, because of course this animated Disney film has many unique stories, each in each plot and is ‘Everlasting’.

Here Are 6 Recommendations for Animated Disney Movies With ‘Everlasting’ Stories

1. Robin Hood
This animated film adaptation of the story of Reynard the Fox tells the story of the adventures of Robin Hood , the name of the fox that we know “steals” for the lower classes which turns out to be a form of resistance from the residents of Nottingham (where Robin Hood lives) against Prince John (the leader of the area he lives) who is arbitrary. -mena provides an excessive taxation system (excessive taxation) showing the audience how bad things will have an effect on each other around.

2. Aladdin
Taken from a collection of stories from 1001 nights, Aladdin tells of the luck of a street boy in an Arab city who finds a magic lamp containing a genie.

Aladdin journey while disguising himself as a wealthy prince to impress the Sultan and Princess Jasmine will make the audience see the results of something that started with a lie.

3. The Lion King
The Lion King franchise tells of the lion kingdom in Africa. Simba’s journey as a cub of the lion king to face the conflicts of his life from adolescence to adulthood and return to his place as a king should provide lessons for the audience to see how the wheel of life (Circle of Life) rotates.

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Based on the novel by Victor Hugo in 1831, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is considered Disnet’s darkest film because it explores the themes of child murder, lust, curses, antiziganism, genocide, and sin in its animated movie.

Quasimodo’s life journey and his struggle to be accepted by the public illustrates the dark side of Europe in that era, providing a deeper picture for the audience.

5. Hercules
Telling the legend of Heracles, the son of Zeus in Greek mythology, in a more relaxed and easily accepted way through typical Disney animations , musicals and comedy.

6. Mulan
Based on the legend of Hua Mulan, Mulan tells of the daughter of a Chinese veteran who has to step down to face the Hun invasion during the Han dynasty.

Mulan’s struggle to replace her father as a dutiful son and loves his family to the point of opposing the culture of his own country, the audience can see Mulan’s courageous struggle to protect her family, her country and how Mulan changed the structure of China at that time.