Recommended 5 Korean Movies About Siblings, Inspiring!


The relationship between siblings is something that completes the life of some people. Even though we often argue, fight, and even argue, they are the ones who really understand how we feel. They are also the ones who secretly understand and worry about us. Of course, this brotherly relationship is also felt for those who are not related by blood, but have been together for decades like siblings.

Sometimes we ignore and come back to our senses when watching movies that tell about brotherly relationships. Here are 5 Korean films that tell about the lives of brothers and sisters. Starting from the most hilarious to draining tears. Listen to the end, OK!

Taekgugi (2004)
The film, entitled Taekgugi , is the story of a brother and sister assigned by the state to leave home to defend the country. Lee Jin Tae (Jang Dong Gun) is the breadwinner of his family. He struggles to support his family and support his younger brother, Lee Jin Seok (Won Bin) to attend school. But in 1950, North Korean troops managed to enter South Korean territory. Of course this is surprising and threatens society.

The youth of South Korea were asked to defend the country by becoming a military force. But Jin Tae’s family tries to escape. Unfortunately, on the way to their relative’s house, Jin Seok is forced to join the military team to fight. Finally, Jin Tae was desperate to join in to protect his sister. One day, Jin Tae gets an offer with the promise that Jin Seok’s younger brother will be released from duty. How will the story continue? What offer did the brother receive?

Annoying Brother (2016)
A comedy-drama film entitled My Annoying Brother , is lined up by talented actors and actresses such as Jo Jung Suk (Doo Shik), Do Kyung Soo or DO (Doo Young), and Park Shin Hye (Soo Hyun). The story begins when Doo Young has to lose his sight due to an injury that happened to him in a competition. Doo Shik is a convict who was released on parole on the grounds that he could take care of his blind brother. However, when he is released from prison he ignores Doo Young.

Soo Hyun the judo coach Doo Young is the one who continues to encourage him. But as time goes by, Doo Shik begins to pay attention to Doo Young, and begins to teach Doo Young to adapt to his current condition. Their relationship began to improve. However, another problem came. Doo Shik is diagnosed with terminal cancer. How will the story of these brothers continue? Can the older brother recover and live a harmonious life with his younger brother?

My Little Brother (2017)
Unlike the previous film, My Little Brother tells the story of 3 brothers who don’t care and ignore the condition of their family. The eldest brother named Sung Ho (Jeong Man Sik) is the delivery driver. Meanwhile Soo Kyung (Lee Yo Won) is a reporter at a television station. And the youngest sister, Joo Mi (Esom) is a woman who works odd jobs in several places.

However, news of his father’s death came and forced them to reunite. Unlike the other brothers, they wanted the father’s death ceremony to end quickly. In the middle of the event, something strange happened, they saw a boy crying in the middle of his father’s death ceremony. It turned out that the boy was their youngest brother. They also try to avoid the responsibility of taking care of their younger brother. What will happen to their youngest sister?

Keys to The Heart (2018)
Next is the film Keys to The Heart , directed by Choi Sung Hyun. This film tells the story of a former boxer Kim Jo Ha (Lee Byung Hun) who ends up making money by working as a flyer distributing on the streets. Accidentally, he met his mother after a long time.

Jo Ha was invited home by her mother and finally met her half-sister Jin Tae (Park Jung Min) who has autism. Not only good at playing video games , and cooking ramen, Jin Tae is also good at playing the piano. At first Jin Tae was afraid of Jo Ha, but over time, they became close.

The mother left Jin Tae with Jo Ha for a month. The mother has to go away for a while, while Jin Tae has to practice the piano for his competition in the near future. Had asked Jin Tae seriousness about the competition, Jo Ha was asked for half the prize if Jin Tae managed to win the competition. What’s the next story? Can Jin Tae win the competition?

Inseparable Bros. (2019)
Next up is Inseparable Bros. The film, starring Lee Kwang Soo, was released in 2019. Tells the story of two people who are not related by blood but are like siblings because of their closeness for 20 years. Kang Se Ha (Shin Ha Kyung) and Park Dong Goo (Lee Kwang Soo) are children from a social institution for the disabled. They were both abandoned by their families at a young age.

Se Ha is a smart person but has physical limitations due to the accident he experienced. In contrast to Se Ha, Dong Goo is a man who is less intelligent, but has a healthy and strong physique. They complement each other. However, everything changed instantly when Dong Goo’s custody fell into the hands of his mother. They also had to separate. What really happened? Will they be able to live life after the closeness that has existed for 20 years between the two?

Those are a series of Korean films about brothers and sisters who have interesting storylines and are a shame to miss. Of course, it can inspire and make you feel how valuable the brothers we have are. Have a good time watching!