Recommendations for Studio Ghibli Romantic Anime Movies that are Suitable for Teens


For anime lovers , maybe you are already familiar with the name Studio Ghibli. Having unique graphics and a heartwarming story makes Studio Ghibli have many fans. Studio Ghibli films that are child-friendly are also their own characteristics because they often feature small children as the main characters.

However, there are several Studio Ghibli films that present romantic stories that are suitable for teenagers, you know. Let’s look at the recommendations together, let’s go!

Whisper of the Heart
This film tells the story of a woman named Shizuku Tsukishima who loves to read. He loves to read and borrow books in the city library. However, every time he borrows a book, there is always the same person who borrows the book first. He is a man named Seiji Amasawa.

Shizuku was curious about the figure of Seiji Amasawa in real life. Finally, they meet unexpectedly and like each other. In addition, this film also tells the hopes of the two characters. Seiji wants to become a violinist and will go to Italy to study, while Shizuku is determined to become a writer.

From Up On Poppy Hill
The film is set in the 1960s and tells the story of a woman named Umi Matsuzaki, the daughter of a deceased sailor. Therefore, every morning, he always raises the flag in front of his house which is on a hill. It turned out that this habit was noticed by a man named Shun. One day, Shun wrote a poem about himself in the school newspaper.

Due to an incident, they finally became close. Together they fight to defend the Latin Quarter, an old building where club activities are held, as it is about to be demolished. A feeling of liking then grew between them. However, Shun realizes that they are siblings after seeing a photo of Umi’s deceased father.

Ocean Waves
This 1963 film can be very underrated compared to other Studio Ghibli films.Ocean Waves tells the story of Taku Morisaki who is friends with Yutaka Matsuno. One day, there is a transfer student from Tokyo named Rikako Muto. Rikako is very beautiful and smart, but rude to the people around her.

Matsuno likes Rikako. However, due to an incident, Morisaki actually becomes closer to Rikako. The story of a love triangle finally happened between them. Their friendship is tested. Matsuno beats Morisaki for not being honest with his feelings. When a reunion is held, they finally mend their relationship. Matsuno finally understood that Rikako and Morisaki liked each other.

The Wind Rises
Jiro Horikoshi is a boy who is determined to be able to build an airplane when he grows up. He eventually went to Tokyo to study to become an engineer. While on the train, he meets Naoko Satomi and a servant. However, just then, an earthquake occurred. Jiro helps the maid from Naoko who can’t walk due to the earthquake. They didn’t see each other again after a few years.

Jiro then went to Germany to further learn about making aircraft. After that, unexpectedly, he met Naoko who he had helped before. Jiro then marries her despite knowing that Naoko has tuberculosis.

Howl’s Moving Castle
Unlike the films mentioned above, Howl’s Moving Castle provides a unique fantasy spice in it. This film tells the story of a female hat craftsman named Sophie who is suddenly cursed to become an old grandmother by a witch from exile. Embarrassed, he finally leaves his house and meets Howl’s mobile castle and stays there. Howl is a wizard who is said to like beautiful women.

Then, they faced the chaos and war that occurred in their country. Gradually, Sophie’s curse disappears as she is with Howl and love grows between the two of them.

In addition to a unique and baperful story, you will be pampered with Studio Ghibli’s unique graphics that are so beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Watch it soon for those who haven’t watched it yet!