Recommendations for Romantic Korean Dramas to Make You More Smooth


Romantic dramas, especially when comedy is inserted, are the dramas that are most liked by the audience in Indonesia.

Especially if the story involves two people who have very different backgrounds, whether it’s social status, personality, past, to daily habits. The following are dramas whose stories match this description, which you can watch this weekend.

This drama is guaranteed to make your heart fresh and flowery, also full of laughter. The story is about a handsome rich man Jang Sun-kyul (Yoon Kyun-sang) who can’t get germs.

One day, Sun-kyul meets Oh Sol (Kim Yoo-jung), a woman who is not used to living clean. Of course, he doesn’t feel at home and is always stressed whenever he sees Oh Sol’s lifestyle. But strangely, he slowly fell in love with the woman.

This drama is a remake of the very popular Taiwanese series. The story is about Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) who is heartbroken after a sudden breakup with his girlfriend.

Still in a moment of sadness, Lee Gun has a one-night stand relationship with a poor girl named Kim Mi-young (Jang Nara). Apparently, after that Mi-young became pregnant, and she was forced to marry Lee Gun.

When the two started trying to grow their love, suddenly Lee Gun’s ex-girlfriend came back. Of course, this became a big ordeal for both of them.

Rooftop Prince is one of the most iconic Korean dramas in history. The story is about four men from the past who go to the XXI century. They are the crown prince Young Lee-Gak (Choi Won-hong) and his three followers.

While in today’s world, Lee-gak meets Hong Se-na (Jeong Yu-mi) who looks a lot like his dead wife. Of course, this made Lee-gak curious about the girl.

Secret Garden is also one of the iconic dramas that became the first wave of hallyu in the world. The story is about Kim Joo-wan (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who meets Ra-im (Ha Ji-won), a poor stunt girl whose appearance is the envy of many popular actresses.

Their first meeting actually happened because of a misunderstanding, as Joo-won thought Ra-im was a famous actress. Their relationship then developed into a very interesting and funny. Even they were told had changed bodies to each other.

This hilarious story tells of Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) who pretends to be weak in front of the man she has a crush on. But when in front of CEO Ahm Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) he proudly shows his strength.

Min-hyuk is impressed with Bong-soon, and ends up hiring her as a bodyguard. Of course, later the CEO fell in love with the guard.