Recommendations 10 Ex-Characters Who Invited Back Main Leads in KDrama

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There are many things that annoy Korean drama audiences , one of which is when KDrama the ex who has been dumped even returns and invites the audience’s favorite main character back. Makes it even more annoying if it turns out that they themselves previously broke off relations and ended up feeling regret.

Like disrespecting their ex’s new partner, they confidently try to break free. It is at times like this that the main partner’s determination is tested.

Who are the annoying characters that often appear in this KDrama ?

1. Kim Se Hyun in My Girl (2005) returns to Korea to hope to get along with Seol Gong Chan that he once threw

2. Ma Wang Joon had clear reasons for deciding Um Da Da in Absolute Boyfriend (2019). Turns out he still has deep feelings

3. In Gogh, The Starry Night (2016) Hwang Ji Hoon apparently realized that he didn’t want to live without Go Ho who broke up with him a year earlier

4. Yoo Hee Jin is back in My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (2005) and gets a second chance from Hyun Jin Heon who she once left

5. In Princess Hours (2006), Min Hyo Rin had rejected Shin’s proposal and chose her dream as a ballerina. Although, he later regretted it and tried to get Shin back

6. Park Hye Ran is Go Dong Man’s ex in Fight For My Way (2017). After divorcing from a rich man, she also wants to go back to the man she dumped

7. Kang Suk Joon doesn’t want to break up with Kim Haeng A. But he already threw away his chance at Buble Gum (2015)

8. Song Cha Kyung dumps Cha Jae Wan to marry a rich man. Later he regrets and begs for love again at the King Hotel (2014)

9. Never failed to maintain his relationship with Choi Dae Hyun, Yoo Yeon Joo flirted with trying to get back at Backstreet Rookie (2020)

10. Jang Tae Jin let go of Kim Dali for no reason in Dali and Cocky Prince (2021). Then, he also asked his ex back into his arms

After seeing the story, they turned out to have their own reasons for breaking off relations or leaving the people who really love them. Feeling they still deserve it, they finally ask their ex to get back. So, of the ten former characters in this KDrama , do you support or not, chingu?