Reasons You Should Have Big Dreams, Don’t Give Up!


When I was a child, talking about dreams was a common thing that was often said. Often also asked what kind of dream do you want? Become a policeman, doctor, artist or something else. The answer is sure to come from the mouth, even though we never know what will happen in the future.

Dreams that were once spoken when I was a child, now some have been achieved and some have not. Efforts to achieve it was not easy. It takes a long process and struggle. But if someone manages to embrace his dream, it will certainly be a matter of pride for him.

For those who give up, surely he will not get anything. Even though there are many benefits if you have big dreams. Here’s the description:

1. Time is not wasted

It is important for us to have dreams, because they can spur us to move forward. A person who has a dream he knows must work hard. A dream will not be achieved, if only done casually, let alone do nothing.

For example, if you dream of becoming a doctor, you must study diligently and try to maximize yourself to support the achievement of a dream. This makes us focus on pursuing our dreams and will not have time to do something that is not useful for ourselves and for the future. So, there is no chance to waste time being wasted.

2. Source of motivation

The dynamics of life are always accompanied. Sometimes we are at the top, and sometimes we can be at the bottom. Often we fall asleep when we are at the top of getting pleasure, not realizing that in an instant change can happen.

Having a dream keeps us motivated when we are at the bottom. When you feel that life is hard and not on your side, by having a dream, you will realize your goal. In addition, having a dream can lift your spirits when you are feeling down.

3. More able to appreciate the process

A person who has a dream will continue to pursue his dream with all his might. All the obstacles and ups and downs that will be faced make him always ready to go through it.

Not infrequently people who have determination can be better able to appreciate the series of processes that lie ahead. They are also not rash in making decisions. Life is full of a series of struggle processes, so lucky if you have a dream you will get used to change.

4. Regular in activities

Everyone must have a variety of activities. Whether you have big dreams or not. The difference between the two lies in priority.

If a person has a dream or life goal, he can focus on pursuing and doing all the activities that support the achievement of that dream. However, a person who does not have a dream will do many activities but have no goals.

5. Know the purpose of life

We as humans were created to carry a purpose that was mandated from God. In living the wheel of life a goal is important. Therefore, with a purpose in life, a person will be more organized in living daily life.

So with a dream, makes a person clearly aware of the purpose of life. What to do and what to avoid for the sake of a dream.

Well, those were some descriptions of the reasons why you should have big dreams. There must be a difference between a dreamer who struggles to make his dreams come true and one who doesn’t. So, be people who dare to dream as high as possible because your life will be more meaningful.