Reasons to Watch Dune, Adapted from a Tricky Novel


The Dune film will be shown simultaneously in Indonesia on Wednesday (13/10/2021). This film by Denis Villeneuve has been eagerly awaited, even when it was just starting production.

The reason is, the film, which was adapted from a novel by Frank Herbert, stars top Hollywood actors and actresses. Call it Timothée Chalamet , Zendaya , Jason Momoa, and many more.

For those of you who haven’t watched Dune, here are a number of reasons you should watch this film. Check this out !

1. Could be the next big movie franchise
Dune will give you something different. Since the film hasn’t aired yet, Denis Villeneuve has leaked that Dune will have a sequel. A third film is even being planned and will adapt the sequel to his novel, Dune Messiah.

This film will introduce Frank Herbert’s legendary story to current and future generations. There’s no doubt that Dune could become the next big movie franchise .

2. It is a reboot of the original film
Dune is a reboot or remake of the film, but it removes the original material and makes the story different from the previous film. Usually, reboot movies are not created successfully. However, it is different with Dune.

For the uninitiated, legendary director David Lynch adapted Dune in 1984. Unfortunately, the film did not get a good response from the audience. It’s different with Denis Villeneuve’s Dune . From before the film was still being produced, the audience had been very enthusiastic about waiting for Dune to air.

Dune is about the journey of the Atreides family who want to make sure that the future of their family and people in the universe is okay. The Atreides family is a noble family ruling the planet Caladan.

There was a man named Paul from the Atreides family. As a descendant of a powerful family, Paul is invited by his father to lead their colony on the dangerous planet, Arrakis. However, when he arrived at Arrakis, Paul found a greater responsibility than leading his colony.

3. Adapted from a very complicated novel
Dune (2021) is the third film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name. Prior to Denis Villeneuve, two other Hollywood directors had tried to work on Dune. However, the results were not satisfactory.

Frank Herbert first released the novel Dune in 1965. Over the past 60 years, Dune has owned 21 novels, 8 companion books, 11 short stories, and 6 comics. If Dune wants to be made into a film is not easy.

Therefore, Denis Villeneuve said that he would divide Dune into two parts. But unfortunately, the sequel to Dune has not yet received clarity so it is uncertain. Even so, Denis Villeneuve confirmed that there would be a second Dune and he is said to have succeeded in making this film .

4. Hollywood star-studded movies
For a film set in outer space, Dune is filled with famous Hollywood artists and actors. Call it Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya as the main couple.

In addition, this film also stars other big Hollywood names, such as Dave Bautista, Oscar Issac, and Jason Momoa. There are even senior actors, such as Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, and Javier Bardem too, you know.

5. Showing unusual scenes
Dune is a sci-fi adventure film . There are definitely great action scenes on display. If you watch the trailer for this film, you can see Paul and his allies escaping giant sandworms, facing swarms of evil extraterrestrial soldiers, and engaging in flashy sci-fi sword battles.

The scenes effectively set the scope of a large and epic story. Unusual, the scene is very fitting if you watch it on the big screen.