Real Madrid: “Monster” between life and death


Real Madrid has always been like that. When everyone thought they had sunk to the bottom, by some invisible force, they excellently crossed the line between life and death.

Real Madrid is amazing” – that “simple” headline appeared prominently in this morning’s Marca issue. The Madrid-based newspaper continued to emphasize: “Any analysis is towards the conclusion, Real Madrid is too great.”

Of course, in the atmosphere of victory, anyone can say beautiful things, especially when the Real Madrid people have really returned from the dead. Is coach Ancelotti’s team really great? Even, from a more fair point of view, Chelsea really deserves the word “great”.

However, the beauty of Real Madrid is that they always know how to be “great” at the right time. At a time when Chelsea’s spirit and spirit were rising like rising waves, Los Blancos extinguished it.

Hardly anyone can imagine, at a time of so much pressure, Luka Modric also performed such a classy trivela for new player Rodrygo to open the door to life for “White Vultures”. “.

Before that goal, using the word “wonderful” was afraid that it was a luxury for Real Madrid. They really are no longer themselves. Despite holding a great advantage with a 3-1 victory over Chelsea in the quarter-finals of the first leg away, coach Ancelotti’s team played quite sluggishly and let the opponent score 3 goals at home.

The name “Real Madrid” is a brand enough to ensure bravery and battle experience. It is these things that have become invisible thrusts, helping them to cross the line between life and death.

Of course, the match against Chelsea is not the first time, Real Madrid has been pushed so hard. The most typical example is the Champions League final in the 2013/14 season, when the club was also led by coach Ancelotti.

Sergio Ramos’ header in the 93rd minute against Atletico Madrid also opened the door to life for Real Madrid, just like Rodrygo’s shot last night. Once that difficult moment is overcome, it is not easy to stop Los Blancos’ next move.

On the way to winning the Champions League 2017/18, Real Madrid also had a similar match against Chelsea. In the quarterfinals, they led Juventus with a score of 3-0 away. And then, at the Bernabeu, they were led 0-3 by the Old Lady. However, at the very last minute, C.Ronaldo did a miracle with the goal to put Los Blancos through the scythe of death.

Not far away, in the match in the 1/8 round of the Champions League this season, Real Madrid was also pushed into a corner against PSG. And then, they scored 3 lightning goals to create an interesting comeback.

After the match against Real Madrid last night, coach Thomas Tuchel admitted: “We are disappointed but also proud because the players have played extremely well. Chelsea deserved to go through but were stopped.”

In fact, it was true that Chelsea were out of luck, as Marcos Alonso was denied a goal. Assuming that goal was recognized, Real Madrid would have been pushed into a much more difficult position. But it has to be said again and again, there are not many teams that know how to overcome the moment of life and death like Los Blancos. If you leave another team (like PSG) in that situation, the possibility of them breaking the game is very high.

Since winning 3 consecutive Champions League titles under coach Zidane, Real Madrid is no longer at the top. Over the years, they even rarely spend money to buy stars, but mainly focus on developing young players. However, there is one thing that has never been lost of the greatest European team (calculated by the number of times it has won the Champions League), that is bravery and experience.