Ready to Work on Season 2, Latest News Korean Drama Taxi Driver


For Korean drama lovers, surely you know about the hit drama Taxi Driver ? Some time ago, this drama stole the attention of the audience because of its interesting storyline. In fact, many expect that there will be a continuation of this drama, starring Lee Je Hoon and Esom.

Recently there was good news, because this drama will be worked on for season 2. For more details, here is the latest news from this popular drama.

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1. Media reports
Previously, there were media reports that the producer of Taxi Driver , Studio S, decided to continue this drama into season 2 and is targeting airing next year.

2. SBS Response
As the television station that broadcast this drama, SBS said that they were discussing this matter. In addition, they also coordinate the time and schedule with related parties, especially with the production party and the artists involved.

3. Lee Je Hoon’s Sayings
Previously in an interview, Lee Je Hoon as the main character had revealed that there might be a season 2 for this drama. Given, there are things that have not been resolved in the previous season . What do you think? Why are you curious?

4. Don’t know about the fixed cast
Besides Je Hoon, this drama also stars Kim Eui Sung, Esom, Pyo Ye Jin, and Cha Ji Yeon. Acting rows of actors and actresses are able to make anyone anesthetized. However, their involvement in the future is unknown. Do you think it will appear in season 2 or not? Let’s guess from now on!

Siap Garap Season 2, Kabar Terbaru Drama Korea Taxi Driver 

5. Greeted enthusiastically
Since this news circulated, the audience who participated in this drama was very enthusiastic and hoped that season 2 would be worked on soon. Not without reason, this drama makes me curious because at the end of the episode , it looks like Esom joins Je Hoon cs and there is a signal that he will join to solve the case.

Taxi Driver itself tells the story of a group of people who work in a taxi transportation company. Not just any taxi, they will solve cases that are difficult to reach legally and assist in the revenge of the victims.

This drama is interesting because it has an unpredictable storyline and many lessons learned related to law. Have you watched it?

Reportedly there is Season 2, 10 Beautiful Portraits of Lee Je Hoon in Taxi Driver

SBS plans to make season 2 of one of netizens’ favorite dramas, Taxi Driver! Taxi Driver is an action drama starring Lee Je Hoon, Pyo Ye Jin, Esom, and Kim Eui Sung.

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Well, to celebrate this good news, here are ten cute portraits of Lee Je Hoon in the drama Taxi Driver . Listen, come on!

1. Who, here, still can’t move on from the drama Taxi Driver?
2. For those who can’t move on , don’t be sad, OK! There is good news, here, for you
3. The drama, starring Lee Je Hoon, Pyo Ye Jin, Esom, and Kim Eui Sung, will have a season 2 , you know! Yeay!
4. On July 6, 2021, the production house of Studio S has confirmed the making of the drama Taxi Driver season 2 !
5. Taxi Driver season 2 is scheduled to air in 2022, here
6. Reportedly, this drama is forming a production team!
7. It is also reported that Taxi Driver is in the process of contacting the actors and actresses who appeared in the previous season
8. Party of SBS responded that they were coordinating schedules and the corresponding time of the season 2 of this
9. Previously, actor Lee Je Hoon also said that he really wanted season 2 of the drama Taxi Driver, here
10. Although it has not been fully confirmed, netizens and viewers have high hopes for Taxi Driver season 2 !
Well, those are ten cute portraits of Lee Je Hoon in the drama Taxi Driver . Wow, I really hope there will be a season 2 ! Can’t wait, here!