Ready to Become a Police, 9 Facts about Yang Zi Role in the Drug Hunting Movie

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Yang Zi is an actress who not only actively appears in tv dramas, the actress who was born on November 6, 1992 is also known to actively play roles in big screen movies. Ready to return to the big screen after two years, Yang Zi is confirmed to be starring in the latest crime movie titled Drug Hunting .

The movie Drug Hunting will tell the story of a police undercover operation into a dangerous drug cartel. What do you think of Yang Zi new role in this movie, huh? Come on, consider the following nine facts about his role.

1. On November 17, 2021, Drug Hunting movie held a shooting ceremony and at the same time announced Yang Zi as the main character

2. Some other actors who also attended and prepared for movieing include Wang Qian Yuan, Shang Yu Xian, to Liu Minta

3. Drug Hunting movie will be produced by producer Qiu Litao with Gu Yufen and in collaboration with director Gao Zibin

4. Ready to try a new profession, Yang Zi as the main character will act as an anti-drug police officer named Luo Jia

5. Luo Jia goes on an undercover mission for the first time after seeing the sacrifices of her comrades

6. He disguised his identity as a drug dealer to sneak into a dangerous drug cartel

7. Luo Jia had to take many risks in order to quickly gain the trust and information of Liu Xing Jie (Wang Qian Yuan)

8. The Drug Hunting movie will be Yang Zi comeback to the big screen after he last appeared in the movie My People, My Homeland in 2020.

9. The thriller and crime genre movie is ready to be released this year in theaters with a total duration of 107 minutes

So Yang Zi comeback to the big screen after two years of hiatus, the movie Drug Hunting is certainly a project that fans have been waiting for. Who can’t wait for Yang Zi new role transformation? Don’t forget to watch the movie, ok?