Raul Fernandez denies accusations, Aki Ajo: It’s natural that he thinks I’m unfair


The owner and manager of the Red Bull KTM Ajo Team , Aki Ajo , responded to Raul Fernandez who accused him of not giving him and Remy Gardner fair treatment in the 2021 Moto2 title race. Through Speedweek, Monday (11/22/2021), Ajo actually admitted that understand the frustration of Fernandez who had to be relieved to be runner up.

Gardner and Fernandez are fiercely fighting for the title this season, but it makes people wonder because they still get along very well and never clash. Both have collected 12 podiums, but Gardner has only won five, while Fernandez has eight. Gardner is also only four points ahead in the final standings.

However, tension suddenly erupted when the two made their debut as a tandem at Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing in the post-season test MotoGP Jerez, Spain, 18-19 November. Through Motorsport Espana, Fernandez accused Red Bull KTM Ajo of not being fair to him and instead paving the way for Gardner.

When he heard Fernandez’s statement, Gardner was furious, and called his statement absurd. Ajo, who is known to be cold-handed and has created many big names in MotoGP, is taking it easy. According to him, it’s only natural that Fernandez was disappointed in failing to win the title and finding fault with his team.

All Calm and Professional
I really respect what he did this year as a debutant. For me, Raul’s great talent is hard to explain. In the middle to the end of the season, I even thought it would be a big challenge to see two riders. We are fighting for the title,” said Ajo.

I was happy and satisfied. But if a rider thinks things are not going optimally, that is understandable. Riders who don’t win titles always look for many excuses,” continued the Finn. who is also Jack Miller’s personal manager.

Ajo stated that this successful season should not be marred by feuds. As is known, Red Bull KTM Ajo swept the Moto2 and Moto3 world titles through Gardner and Pedro Acosta. In both classes, they also won the title of best debutant, through Fernandez and Acosta, and won the team world title. KTM is also the constructors’ champion in Moto3.

It’s Natural If Runner Up Feel Disappointed
Remy got five, was more consistent, had an amazing season too. But there’s no fighting in our garage. We should be happy about this season, where we swept the title. professional,” said Ajo.

Obviously both of them fought until the end. It’s natural for the runners-up to feel disappointed, especially after having had a strong season and being faster than the champion in several races. But our team must be happy. We have all learned This is a valuable experience,” he concluded.

While Gardner and Fernandez move up to MotoGP with Tech 3 KTM, Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto2 will be defended by Augusto Fernandez and Acosta. Meanwhile, their squad in Moto3 will still be defended by Jaume Masia, who will partner with debutant rider, Daniel Holgado.

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Arguing with Remy Gardner, Raul Fernandez Calls KTM Ajo Not Giving Fair Treatment

Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez seemed to get along well throughout Moto2 2021 despite fierce competition for the title. However, ahead of their debut in MotoGP 2022 with Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing, tensions suddenly erupted. This is due to Fernandez’s admission that he did not receive fair treatment from Red Bull KTM Ajo.

This season, Gardner and Fernandez are indeed the two strongest riders in Moto2, even far behind Marco Bezzecchi. Gardner finally came out as champions, just four points ahead of Fernandez. However, statistically, Fernandez has a more dominant result, especially when viewed from the number of wins and poles.

Gardner has 12 podiums, 5 wins and three poles. Fernandez, who is a debutant, won 12 podiums, 8 wins and 7 poles. Fernandez even broke the record for the most number of victories in Moto2 which was previously held by Marc Marquez in 2011. Fernandez also feels he has the qualities of a champion, but also feels neglected by KTM Ajo boss, Aki Ajo.

Raul Fernandez Feeling Stronger
I feel very lucky to have a special team – when I mention ‘my team’, I’m talking about my mechanics,” said Fernandez via Motorsport Espana, Thursday (11/18/2021).

“It has been seen from the results that I am the strongest rider, have more wins, poles and fastest laps. Remy is world champion, he has more points. But when it comes to speed, I am a fish swimming against the current, and mentally, I am the champion,” continued the 21-year-old rider.

In an interview on the official KTM Ajo website, Gardner said that he won Moto2 2021 thanks to ‘tenacity and intelligence’. However, Fernandez did not agree. This Spanish rider even said that Gardner was not smarter than him, and said that the Australian rider became a champion only because he did not get guidance from Ajo.