Ranking the 10 Most Powerful Genjutsu in the Naruto Series


The Naruto series introduces many strange jutsu moves that allow shinobi to do a lot to deal with their enemies. They can use the jutsu to summon meteors, resurrecting a dead person to teleport to a considerable distance. One of the jutsu that is difficult to master in this series is genjutsu.Focused on creating illusions, genjutsu would torment the mind of a shinobi. This move can make them tired like a physical move. Although difficult to master, some genjutsu techniques can be devastating. In Naruto , lots of relatable characters, awesome story arcs and epic battles. These factors are only part of the reason why


Naruto is very likable. However, another factor that makes it different from other anime is their strange moves. So what genjutsu is the most powerful in Naruto? Here’s the review!

10. Magen: Jubaku Messatsu

A formidable technique, those caught in this genjutsu experience the illusion of being tied to a tree. This makes them unable to move. This technique was seen during Itachi and Kisame’s infiltration into Konoha. Facing the Akatsuki member, Kurenai attempted to use the genjutsu on Itachi—without any effect. Kurenai is one of the greatest genjutsu users in Konoha. The technique used is clearly very powerful. But, Itachi is the best genjutsu master in this series. Catching Itachi with that illusion was like trying to beat Goku in an arm wrestling match. Just give up.

9. Nehan Shoja no Jutsu

This powerful genjutsu first appeared during the chunin exams. This technique is successful in creating the illusion of a stadium filled with people.He created an illusion and caused everyone in the area to fall asleep.The only way to wake people up is to perform a cancellation genjutsu. Despite being a powerful jutsu, a number of genin—including Shikmaru—are able to dodge the attack. In addition, many high ranking ninja were also able to dodge the attack. This indicated that this genjutsu was only effective against civilians and low-level shinobi.

8. Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu

This jutsu forces the target to face their deepest fears. This fear can take the form of an image they desperately want to avoid—or it can take the form of their deepest and darkest fear. Kakashi uses this jutsu against Sakura, forcing her to face Sasuke’s death. Unable to understand the incident, Sakura became distracted and finally passed out. Although scary, there are people who remain unaffected if they admit their fear as nothing but an illusion. However, this is easier said than done—making it especially effective against the inexperienced.

7. Magen: Gama Rinsho

Although not one of his strengths, Jiraiya effectively used this genjutsu while fighting Pain. This voice-based genjutsu is performed by a singing frog. As soon as the enemy heard the song, they immediately fell into the illusion pit. They will then be surrounded by Toad Samurai who seal the person in a barrier. Although powerful, this jutsu is difficult to perform. In fact, this was a complex technique that only Jiraiya could master. And, it takes time to do. If the enemy knew of their existence, the Toads could not perform the ritual.

6. Genjutsu: Kokuangyo no Jutsu

This famous genjutsu among the legendary Senju clan causes its victims to see nothing but black. By taking away their ability to see, this genjutsu makes the enemy vulnerable to attack. This is the first time that a revived Hashirama has seen it used against the Third Hokage. However, this move has a weakness. Those caught in this genjutsu can still access their other senses, by taking in the user’s scent or chakra. With his keen senses, Hiruzen was able to defend himself from the revived Hokage by taking his chakra and energy.

5. Izanami

Available to those who have the mangekyo sharingan, Izanami is said to decide one’s destiny. Sharingan users choose the moment they like and remember everything, including the physical sensations of themselves and their opponents. Once remembered, the user activates the jutsu, placing their opponent in an endless loop until they stop fighting back and accept their fate. Itachi used Izanami on Kabuto. He forced her to evaluate her actions and accept her punishment. Historically, this jutsu was used to punish an Uchiha who perverted Izanami’s opposite, namely Izanagi.

4. Izanagi

Izanagi gives the user the option to change destiny. Performed with the sharingan, the user applies the illusion to reality, giving the user complete control over what happens while the jutsu is active. The best example is when Danzo fought Sasuke. He changes the timing of the fight and revives himself from certain death. Due to its great power, this jutsu usually drains one’s chakra. However, if the user had access to Hashirama’s cells and an Uchiha, then they could keep the jutsu active for a long period of time.

3. Tsukuyomi

Tsukuyomi is one of the most powerful genjutsu ever. This genjutsu is usually used by Itachi Uchiha to trap and torture his victims in the world of illusion. In that world, Itachi could control his victim’s perception of time—by making seconds feel like years. The power of this jutsu was seen during Kakashi’s fight against Itachi. Kakashi endured severe torture for 3 days—though in reality it was only a few seconds. Although strong, this jutsu can be broken by people who have sharingan. Sasuke broke it violently.

2. Kotoamatsukami

This legendary technique invaded one’s mind. He creates false experiences and leads them to believe that they are making decisions without anyone’s influence. Mastered by Shisui Uchiha, this ability was coveted by others—until Danzo Shimura attacked Shisui and stole one of his eyes. Shisui then gave one eye to Itachi. He felt safe knowing that his friend would use him to protect the village. This became a reality with Itachi programming the eye with the command to protect Konoha.

1. Mugen Tsukuyomi

To perform this genjutsu, one must have the Rinne Sharingan and reflect it to the moon. The light will then be reflected around the world, trapping those affected by the reflection. In Naruto , Kiba is the Hokage and Hinata dreams of a world where Neji is still alive. Only other Rinnegan possessors can save them from this genjutsu. That is, this genjutsu has only a few weaknesses.