Ralf Rangnick ― Manchester United captain must be chosen by players, Harry Maguire is ready to leave this position


Manchester United ( MU ) interim manager , Ralf Rangnick, has hinted that he will not recommend Harry Maguire remain as team captain when he accepts the position with Erik Ten Hag. He said the United captain should be chosen by the players themselves.

Harry Maguire’s position as Manchester United captain continues to be in the spotlight this season. Many have suggested that MU change the captain after the team stumbled throughout this season.

Maguire has been ruled out of United’s last four games of the season with a knee injury. This means that the captain’s armband will be used by Cristiano Ronaldo or Bruno Fernandes when serving Chelsea in the Premier League, Friday (29/4/2022) early morning WIB.

When asked whether to recommend Maguire as captain of the United team , Rangnick gave an ambiguous answer.

“I understand your question but again it doesn’t make sense, because we don’t know what kind of players will come here, what kind of team will be formed,” Rangnick said, as reported by The Sun , Thursday (28/4/). 2022).

Leave the Decision to Erik Ten Hag – According to Rangnick, at previous clubs, the captain was never appointed by the coach or club officials.

“I can only tell you what I have done in the past when I was head coach or manager because in Germany that method is called ‘Mannschaftskapan’ – team captain,” Rangnick said.

“I really believe the captain should be chosen by the team because he is called the manager of the team. We always do that, we always have a team board of four or five players. We call it the ‘Spielerrat’ [player board] — chosen by the players.”

“The player with the highest number of votes will become the team captain. That’s how I do it. I know a lot of head coaches don’t do it that way. That’s what I would do if I were the manager next season, but I’m not the coach anymore. This is something Erik has to decide,” Rangnick added.

Maguire’s Position Threatened – Rangnick’s system is used in his native Germany, which has been adopted by Pep Guardiola at Manchester City and Mikel Arteta at Arsenal.

The idea would threaten Maguire’s position. Maguire has come under pressure from United fans this season and was even jeered in his last game in England.

Former Manchester United stars Rio Ferdinand and Paul Parker even asked Maguire to be removed from the United captaincy this season.

Last week he was subjected to a bomb threat at his home and is currently living with his family at a teammate’s house.