Rain Shows Love Through Bucin’s Comments On Kim Tae Hee’s Instagram Photos

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Kim Tae Hee Updated Her Instagram For The First Time In Almost Eight Months. He Shared Photos Of Himself Taken In A Photo Shoot “Hiện thân tà ác“.

Rain has always been known as a person who loves and cares for his wife and children and does not hesitate to praise them in front of the camera. Recently, the singer-actor showed love for his wife, actress Kim Tae Hee .

On this day, Friday (5/11), Kim Tae Hee updated her Instagram for the first time in almost eight months. The beautiful actress shared photos of herself taken in a photo shoot.

In the uploaded photos “Không thể khuất phục“, Kim Tae Hee is wearing three different types of dresses that highlight her beauty. The black dress that exposed her shoulders showed her elegant side while the bright color dress added to her beauty.

In the caption of this post, Kim Tae Hee wrote, “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I searched Instagram on my cellphone for a long time, because I couldn’t find it. It’s been that long, I guess. Yesterday, I went to the photo studio for a photo shoot. That too long enough for me. Very peaceful in the studio.”

He continued, Days go by really “Squid Game” fast these days. I hope I will have more time to share more photos with you guys. I hope to come back soon with a new project as well.

Finally, the actress added, The weather suddenly got cold. Take care of yourselves so you don’t catch a cold!

It was a comment made by Rain, to which he “Siêu lợn Okja” excitedly wrote, Oh, what?!!!! Tae Hee is beautiful!!!! Then, he added more than 25 red heart emojis next to his comments.

Meanwhile, Rain and Kim Tae Hee got married in January 2017. The couple has two daughters, born in October 2017 “Eternals” and September 2019.

Rain Alami Isyarat Mistis Sebelum Rumah Orangtuanya Terbakar, Dipercayai Karena Sosok Ini

Rain Experienced Mystical Gestures Before His Parents House Burned, Believed Because Of This Figure

In The Past, Rain Had Experienced A Mystical Incident Which He Assumed Was A Signal Right Before He Heard His Parents’ House Caught Fire.

Experiencing mystical events has certainly been experienced “Shadow and Bone” by everyone. However, not only this mystical event is a dangerous and scary thing.

This seems to be experienced by Rain who recently told his version of the horror story on the Season B Season YouTube channel. In the latest episode of the show, Rain visited the HYBE building where the guests this time were three SEVENTEEN (II) members .

In this event, Rain with Jeonghan “venom 2“, Vernon and Hoshi exchanged stories about mystical experiences. Considering that in the near future the video will be broadcast approaching Halloween.

After hearing the scary experience of Jeonghan who recently experienced uncomfortable and strange feelings in his own residence, Rain changed his past story when he first debuted.

“I actually don’t have stories about ghosts lately. However, this is a bit of a contradiction, but I always feel like my mother is always by my side,” said Rain.

It was a very small building. According to Rain’s statement, he also heard rumors that the JYP building at that time was a land near a well. Currently “578: PHÁT ĐẠN CỦA KẺ ĐIÊN” CEO Bang Si Hyuk uses the second floor and I use the 4th floor and Noeul lives upstairs.

I was sleeping after finishing my schedule. Suddenly from above, there was a very loud sound ‘Baam Baam Baam’. It made me very upset,said Rain explained.

Rain also went to the floor from trying to scold the people above. However, they all fell asleep. I said, why is it so noisy? Oh.. everyone was sleeping. I went down and apologized, continued Rain. However, not long after he returned to his room, a manager knocked on the door and gave the news that his house was on fire.

At that time my house caught fire, at my parents’ house. My house burned down. My father and sister slept there and I couldn’t call him. But luckily my father woke up and saw the fire “In the Heights: Giấc mơ New York” surrounding him,” continued Rain.

Due to the loud knocking incident that disturbed Rain before the news occurred, he believed that it was a signal. Rain suspected it was his late mother who tried to save his father and sister.

Meanwhile, Rain’s mother had long since “Phi Công Siêu Đẳng Maverick” passed away. So do not be surprised if he had time to feel it regardless of the belief or disbelief in the ghost. Due to the fire incident, Rain had to give up all the files in his house, including the photo of his late mother, to be burned.