Racing falls 3-1 against Talleres and adds a new disappointment in the Professional League

After what the victory-flavored draw meant against flamenco by Libertadores Cup, racing received to Workshops of Cordoba with the mission of returning to victory in the Professional League. Is that the Academy He came into his engagement on a losing streak of 5 joyless encounters and the meager harvest of one point from the last 15 available.

The albiceleste hope faded in the 5 minutes, when michael santos capitalized on a defensive deconcentration and celebrated the premature 1 to 0 after a great attendance of Rodrigo Garro. The unreasonable claims of Leonardo Sigali for an alleged criminal in the previous action on Nicholas Reniero and the failure of gabriel hauche in what appeared to be a clean exit with Tomas Aviles facilitated the work of the youwhich did not forgive.

The reaction of the combined Fernando Gago came through the presence of Nicholas Oroz. As in the international duel against the Mengaothe ex Chacarita he took possession of the ball to lead the albiceleste offensive. This time, instead of hanging it off the angle, he catered to maxi moralez so that vial resolve calmly before the departure of Guido Herrera. However, the VAR determined that the cry of the experienced attacker with a past in the MLS was not validated by a millimeter forward position.

The emotional blow affected the cast of little pint. And another inattention between Emiliano Insua and sigali led to the second goal of the night. a getaway from Rodrigo Garro forced Gabriel Arias to go far to cut the advance, but on the rebound michael santos he sent the ball into the back of the net: 2 to 0 and widespread disappointment in Avellaneda.

Before the break a screening of Gaston Benavidez He was close to transforming the victory into a win. It is that the winger took advantage of the spaces of the vulnerable local defense and touched towards the net when he came out arias. Only by a miraculous closure of the Bear sigali the combination of Javier Gandolfi did not celebrate the third. The metallic sound of the stick that delivered the clearance of the central paralyzed the hearts of an audience that could not understand the terrible production of his team.


racing: Gabriel Arias, Facundo Mura, Leonardo Sigali, Emiliano Insúa, Óscar Opazo, Maximiliano Moralez, Tomás Avilés, Nicolás Oroz, Gabriel Hauche, Nicolás Reniero and Emiliano Saliadarre. DT: Fernando Gago.

workshops: Guido Herrera, Gastón Benavidez, Matías Catalán, Lucas Suárez, Nicolás Pasquini, Diego Ortegoza, Rodrigo Villagra, Ramón Sosa, Rodrigo Garro, Diego Valoyes and Michael Santos. DT: Javier Gandolfi.

Stadium: President Peron

Referee: Facundo Tello

TV: ESPN Premium



Central Córdoba and Sarmiento will close this Monday the date 15 of the Professional League in Santiago del Estero. The match will be played from 9:30 p.m. at the Alfredo Terrera stadium, with Jorge Baliño as referee and broadcast by TNT Sports.

El Ferroviario is once again home at home since the Madre de Ciudades stadium was made available for the Under 20 World Cup that will begin on May 20. The meeting that will close the date will be of vital importance for the fight for permanence. Central Córdoba has 110 points and Sarmiento, who is just outside the relegation zone, could close the distance of five that his rival has.

El Verde drew against Godoy Cruz (1-1) in Junín and has gone two dates without winning. In addition, it has not been a visitor since the second day against Colón in Santa Fe (2-0) and has accumulated two defeats in a row in this condition. Leonardo Madelón’s team achieved a great triumph in Córdoba against Instituto (2-0) and now they will try to become strong again at home after two games without victories.

This will be the third match in the First Division and the previous ones were a win for Central Córdoba and a draw.

Probable formations

Central Cordoba: Marcos Ledesma; Julián Navas, Brian Blasi, Fabio Pereyra, Gonzalo Goñi, Marcelo Benítez; Bruno Pitton, Leandro Maciel, Brian Farioli; Lucas Gamba, Gonzalo Torres. DT: Leonardo Madelon.

sarmiento: Sebastian Meza; Gonzalo Bettini or Jean Pierre Rosso, Emanuel Hernández, Alejandro Donatti, Juan Insaurralde, Gabriel Díaz; Manuel Monaco, Fernando Martinez, Emiliano Mendez; Lisandro Lopez, Luciano Gondou. DT: Israel Damonte.

Hour: 21.30

Stadium: Alfredo Terrera

Referee: Jorge Balino

TV: TNT Sports

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