Quentin Tarantino Picks His 3 Favorite Australian Movies


The director is an avid movie buff and did not hesitate to show his affection for certain Australian films that influenced his career. Meet them here.

It is known by all that, before being a great film director, Quentin Tarantino is a movie buff who enjoys consuming all kinds of film productions, including those from Australia. Such is the American fanaticism for Australian feature films that, according to Far Out Magazine , in an interview on The Hateful Eight , Tarantino affirmed that the origins of Australian cinema have something in common with his own artistic sensibility.

“From my influences on movies growing up, I had two main ones: foreign art cinema and exploitation tapes, and I have always tried to merge the two for most of my career. One of the things I always responded to in Australian cinema it is that they seem to be made up of the same two parents, “he explained. Additionally, the Knoxville native also revealed that Oceania country productions were very popular as a kid .

“Even at the video store where I worked, we had a huge foreign section that was divided into different countries and our Australian section was one of the largest in the 80s because people really liked those movies .” It’s because of Everything previously said that today we want to tell you which are the favorite Australian films of the director of Pulp Fiction .

1981 – Dir: Richard Franklin

This little-known Australian thriller features actors like Jamie Lee Curtis and Stacy Keach in a gripping story about a trucker in search of a notorious serial killer. Roadgames presents an engaging experience that gives the audience a glimpse into the depths of human depravity.

Tarantino praised the script, saying, “Even though he was an American, I think Everett De Roche is the best of the Australian film writers. He wrote some really great scripts and I think Roadgames is the best of them.”

Mad max
1979 – Dir: George Miller

George Miller’s classic action movie is on every list of the most important and influential Australian films ever made. The film imagines a dystopian wasteland where the collapse of social institutions has contributed to the creation of an anarchically free and dangerous world.

Though he avoided seeing it for a while, Tarantino also claimed that the 2015 version of Mad Max was a masterpiece: “I resisted watching it, for a while, because I was like, ‘ Mad Max ? Without Mel Gibson? Forget it’. In a world where Mel Gibson exists, how can you choose Tom Hardy ? Then I saw the movie. ‘Okay, it’s fantastic.’ And he does quite well, I have to admit . ”

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Next of Kin
1982 – Dir: Tony Williams

This strange piece of horror from an unknown director follows the strange events that take place after a woman reads her dead mother’s diaries. According to Tarantino, there are no other horror feature films like this one, with the notable exception of Stanley Kubrick ‘s 1980 masterpiece The Shining .

“It’s literally a very different horror film from any other,” he commented. “I spoke to John Jarratt about it because that director never did another production and I think he was an industrial filmmaker [who] could put together a film. I barely remember the story … but it has a very, very unique tone and the closest equivalent to this tone is The Shining . “