Queendom 2 Variety Show Attendees, Spectacular!

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The variety show held by Mnet , Queendom , has now entered its second season . Starring participants who are no less cool than the first season .

Hyolyn has performed 2 shows, first place is always occupied by Hyolyn. All the participants performed spectacularly by showing a cool concept. Come on, see below.


In the second evaluation, WJSN appeared as the opening, different from the first evaluation which appeared as the closing. In their latest performance, WJSN chose the song NAVILLERA from VIVIZ ex-GFRIEND. Both appeared by exchanging their respective songs.

Performing with another song but with a WJSN concept, they performed perfectly without any mistakes on stage, they also added rap parts that were not previously present in the original song to a solo dance performance from WJSN’s Yeoreum.


LOONA who had failed to appear due to health problems in the first evaluation and they were ranked last, namely 6th. In the second show, all LOONA members have fully recovered and are preparing for their performance by exchanging songs with HYOLYN, namely SHAKE IT.

LOONA prepares many surprises in every performance, from stage props to the members’ changing of clothes that shocked the audience. Thanks to their outstanding performance, LOONA managed to rank 2nd in the second show.

3. Brave Girls “MVSK”

Brave Girls, who exchanged songs with rookie idol Kep1er, had doubts because they had a very different concept from them. But after being traced, the Brave Girls members got a Kep1er song that matches their character, namely MVSK.

The Brave Girls members performed perfectly without any mistakes, at the beginning of the song the members performed with a monocrom filter like a Mavia and at the end of the song there was a spurt of fake money that filled the stage, their idea was considered very unique, different from the previous participants.

4. Kep1er “Rollin’ right now”

Initially the members of Kep1er wanted to exchange songs with the LOONA group, but their plans didn’t work out and were forced to swap songs with Brave Girls. Almost the same, Kep1er has a cute style with a strong energy that is different from Brave Girls songs which always appear mature.

Kep1er arranges Brave Girls songs very well, starting from combining 2 Brave Girls songs, Pool Party and Rollin . While performing, several members were seen getting into trouble on stage, from Dayeon who fell off the stage to Yujin with slippery shoes. Even so, Kep1er still looks professional with a very cool appearance.


VIVIZ was the participant who got 3 votes in the poor performance category in the first show. However, the VIVIZ members did not give up and showed an extraordinary performance by performing a song from WJSN entitled UNNATURAL.

Composing the concept as a rose, the VIVIZ members also had a unique idea by adding a mirror when singing. Each member also performs a solo dance to perform live very well.

6. HYOLYN “So What”

HYOLYN is the only soloist in Queendom season 2 , even though he’s alone, HYOLYN always manages to dominate the stage with the help of dancers. HYOLYN also took first place in the first and second appearances. This was also acknowledged by other Queendom participants who acknowledged that HYOLYN was number one.

In addition, HYOLYN also performed live with his extraordinary tone and vocals, during his second appearance he performed LOONA’s song So What by making a concept like cat woman .

All the appearances of the Queendom season 2 participants have their respective differences, of course all of them have certain parts that are shown by the audience. All of them managed to amaze the audience until they were speechless with their performances. What points are your heroes at?