Quality Match! Roy Keane Just Was Impressed With the Duel Manchester City vs Liverpool


The former Manchester United midfielder was impressed by the Manchester City vs Liverpool match. Although there was no winner, Keane acknowledged the match was a quality match.

Manchester City received a visit on week 32 of the Premier League, Sunday (10/4/2022).

Two goals for Manchester City were scored by Kevin De Bruyne (5) and Gabriel Jesus (36). Meanwhile, Liverpool’s goals were scored by Diogo Jota (13) and Sadio Mane (46).

The draw did not change the position of the two teams in the Premier League standings. Manchester City still lead with 74 points and the Reds are just one point behind them.

Quality Match
Roy Keane said the match between Manchester City vs Liverpool was very exciting. Because, both teams showed a desire to win until the game ended.

“The quality, what impresses me with all these high quality players is their desire to keep on winning at the end,” Roy Keane told Sky Sports.

“No team will dominate for long because there is so much quality in both teams.”

Liverpool Show Character
Liverpool were able to bounce back twice from Manchester City. Keane assessed the Reds were able to show their character in the second half.

“Liverpool showed their character in the second half. But then City also had a good chance. A good reminder for all of us about this game.”