Psywar Defender Malaysia’s words to the Indonesian national team at the 2020 AFF Cup: Leadership Crisis and Lack of Experience


Malaysian national team defender , Junior Eldstal, spreads psychic ahead of the final duel in Group B of the 2020 AFF Cup against the Indonesian national team , Sunday (12/19/2021). According to Junior, the young players of the Garuda Squad have a leadership crisis and lack of experience.

Junior Eldstal actually was amazed by the quality of the Indonesian national team . This assessment was given after the Red and White National Team won two wins and a draw, thus becoming the leader of Group B of the 2020 AFF Cup with seven points.

However, Junior Eldstal thinks that sometimes the Indonesian national team, which is inhabited by the majority of young players, lacks leadership. This is evidenced by being nervous when pressed and often making elementary mistakes.

Baggott was impressive, but their young squad needed leadership to push them forward,” Junior Eldstal was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times .

Junior Eldstal admitted that it was a weak point that Malaysia was ready to use to beat the Indonesian national team . Even though Junior Eldstal was aware, the duel against Evan Dimas et al. it won’t be easy.

“We have experience playing against Indonesia many times. Even though the match is never easy, the lack of experience of their players is something we can take advantage of,” said the player who had a career in Chonburi.

Leave a Hole
Junior Eldstal also said that the Indonesian national team often enjoys attacking so that it leaves holes in the back line. It was seen when the duel against Laos (12/12/2021).

“One of the reasons they brought in the English player (Elkan Baggott) was that it started to get difficult against Laos,” said Junior Eldstal.

“When you attack at 100 miles per hour, you leave a hole. We have players like Syafiq Ahmad, Safawi and Arif Aiman, to take advantage of that,” said the 30-year-old.

Same Strong
This match is the ninth meeting between the Indonesian and Malaysian national teams in the 2020 AFF Cup. Statistics note that the two matches are always tight and hot.

Uniquely, the match between the two teams always ends in a winner and never a draw. The Indonesian national team has won four matches, on the other hand Malaysia has also won.

The Indonesian national team has recorded 14 goals against Malaysia in the 2020 AFF Cup. Meanwhile, Malaysia has successfully scored 13 goals against the Red and White squad.