PSY and Suga in “That, that”: curiosities you did not know about the collaboration

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When was the video for “That that” recorded? PSY reveals details of how her song with the BTS member was born.

“That that” is PSY and Suga’s new video clip . The song tops the album [PSY 9th] by the unique 44-year-old artist. In a press conference and interviews for his return, the CEO of P Nation commented on how the epic collaboration that unites a legend on YouTube with one of the members of BTS, the most famous group of the moment, was conceived.

The MV for “That That” has references to “Gangnam Style” and maintains the fun style that characterizes PSY’s productions. Suga dances in the music video and also stars in a fight scene with her senior.

Curiosities of “That that”
Who sought whom for the collaboration?

In the conference prior to the release of his album, PSY narrated in detail how Suga was the one who approached him in the fall of last year to propose a track he had in mind.

“I received a message from Suga saying that he wanted to produce for me. Although Suga is busy with BTS activities, he also has his own projects as a producer and has worked with various artists such as Heize and IU, as well as having a feat on Lee So Ra’s song. He is building an impressive career as a music creator.”

PSY and Suga had excellent musical chemistry

Suga’s proposal fit perfectly with PSY’s idea for his big comeback almost five years after his last album.

“He contacted me and told me that he had a song that would fit me perfectly. The instrumental accompaniment heard in the ending song is exactly what was originally sent to me,” PSY expressed at the press event.

“At that time I debated a lot because I wanted to do something different from EDM-dance, but I also didn’t want to do something with a very slow tempo. I was leaning towards a more Latin sound and Suga just sent me something like what she had in mind. There was no reason to say no,” the rapper said.

PSY’s reaction to confirming his collaboration with Suga

Collaborating with a member of BTS could be considered as winning the lottery. The boyband has been twice nominated for a Grammy and since 2017 they have been breaking records non-stop.

In an interview with MelOn, PSY admitted his excitement upon learning that his project with Min Yoongi would come to fruition.
The recording of the MV “That that”

Suga and PSY filmed the music video for the song in March, on a muddy beach in Incheon.

“Our feet sank into the sand every two steps, and it also rained that morning, so it was cold. Suga went through a lot that day and I’m grateful to him every time I watch the MV,” PSY explained at the conference according to Kpop Herald.

“When filming the video, I practiced dancing a lot. If you invite someone younger and end up awkwardly dancing it looks bad. I wanted to look professional and I prepared much harder than in other videos. It’s part of the synergy that Suga inspired.”