Prosecution! These are 5 Kpop songs with lyrics and meaning to shut up the haters


As a K-pop idol, you can’t separate yourself from name haters and netizens who write negative comments.

This sometimes makes Kpop idols uncomfortable and they end up expressing it in songs.

Even the lyrics of songs sung by K-pop idols are sharp enough to silence the haters.
1. Itzy – Wannabe

Itzy’s song Wannabe has good lyrics about their indifference to haters.

Like the following lyrics, Itzy wants to kick ass in Wannabe’s song.

no matter what they say, it’s me
I just want to be me
I want to be me, me, me
so I don’t have to do anything
I’m perfect when I’m alone
I want to be me, me, me

2. Itzy – Lazy

Once again, Itzy has meaningful songs mocking the haters who often comment with negative sentences.

The lyrics to Itzy Dalla Dalla are below.

I love myself

I am something other than me
I love myself

I’m different from you

3. Blackpink – Pretty Savage
laughs, but not weak
and I hope so
Rain and wind, fly high and high
I have nothing more to say to you

From the lyrics, it can be felt that BLACKPINK wants to convey the feeling that if many people hate BLACKPINK, they will not hesitate.

4. Aespa – Life is too short

Aespa released their first song in English titled Life Too Short, which is clearly aimed at the haters.

whatever happens i will do it
I don’t care what you say
And it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not
I enjoy it, so
why should i stop

5. Blackpink – I love to hate

Blackpink’s next song wanted to slap people who don’t like the lyrics.

Negative days, negative nights
honey, you’re wasting your time
I made it easy
No, there is no drama in my life

These are 5 Kpop songs with lyrics and meanings that will silence your haters.