Project Power (2020) Film Review: Tired of Superhuman Stories?


As if not bored, Netflix is ​​back with a superhuman-themed film. The film Project Power takes two well-known actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx who find out about the existence of a pill that can give power to anyone who eats it for five minutes.

The pill which is named Power is often used by people who want to do evil. Making it a banned pill circulating on the black market. This ability is developed from the natural abilities possessed by animals and combines them with human DNA.

The story centers on Robin (Dominique Fishback) who is looking for money as a power pill dealer. He also sells the pills to Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a cop assigned to find out more about the organization behind the pills in New Orleans.

Robin finally meets Art (Jamie Foxx) who is looking for the existence of a pill dealer organization that also kidnapped his son. And of course, like most action films, Art and Frank team up to take down the mysterious secret organization.

Netflix’s signature movie popcorn
Project Power still offers the same plot as other Netflix original action genre films, such as Extraction (2020) and The Old Guard (2020) . The action scenes are highlighted as an attraction, full of explosions and scuffles, combined with a different basic premise makes this film feel light to watch.

The plot is rendered without much twist; evil everywhere, the main two character combos come, fight and finally win. This type of film is commonly known as popcorn movie; no deep meaning or serious message, just for entertainment purposes only.

What should be taken into account is that the character played by Dominique Fishback is able to establish slick chemistry with the two main characters, who incidentally are top Hollywood actors. It’s a shame his character doesn’t get big roles, other than showing his talent as a rapper.

The theme offered is also quite marketable: a father who wants to reclaim his kidnapped son, though in various ways. Plus some action scenes set in a superhuman story tucked into class struggle, race, and feminism issues, voil, be Project Power.

Most superhero movies?
After Marvel with its cinematic universe, then DC and Warner Bros. following (though not as successful as Marvel), Hollywood is filled with various superhero-themed films. Even The Old Guard , starring Charlize Theron, which was released last July, also has the theme of superhuman strength.

Project Power does have a fresh premise. But it can’t offer a complex plot as a new film that is different from other superhuman stories. The formula is still the same: good characters with bad characters try to eradicate evil in their own way.

At least the duet of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman as directors presents various subplots that are trending topics in America and the world. For example, the issue of racism, feminism, and even a conspiracy about the government that makes the lower class people the test material for the latest drugs. Although most of it comes as a gimmick.

This film is not The Matrix which gives a choice of two available pills. The original premise was that each pill contained an unexpected power. This is what (supposedly) distinguishes this film from similar genres. Strangely, until the story ends, the surprise seems to be forgotten. Curious? Just watch the movie.

For a popcorn movie class that aims to attract audiences, the big names of Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the premise of ‘superhuman strength’ do feel alluring. But the film Project Power still impresses without any significant surprises and is easily forgotten in the midst of the onslaught of various action films that have surrounded Hollywood for the past few years.