Profiles of 13 important characters in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3


Attack on Titan Season 3 is finally out. The final part of the popular series will be split in two, with 12 episodes each. Fans have been waiting for the end of the story of the showdown between humans and the giant humanoid named Titan.

The first part of the final season will air TONIGHT, Friday (3/3). After experiencing many battles, the series does not leave many important characters who will appear in the season finale. However, this does not reduce the fun of watching Attack on Titan.

Fans will still meet a number of popular and favorite characters in the final part of the anime, which is based on Hajime Isayama’s manga. Although fans are still debating whether this anime will adopt the ending of the manga or have its own ending, what will happen throughout this season is more interesting to follow. The fate of a number of characters will be determined in this final part. Who are the main characters in Attack on Titan Season 3? Check out the full profile below!

1. Eren Jaeger

Age: 15/19
Date Of Birth: March 30
Height: 170/183 cm

Eren is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. He was introduced as an outspoken character. In the first episode, Eren helplessly watches his mother being eaten by a Titan. The boy then swore to destroy every Titan on Earth. To realize his ideals, Eren entered the military and eventually joined the reconnaissance forces.

Eren underwent a number of major developments throughout the series, growing into a much more nuanced character in Attack on Titan season 3. Eren’s journey is defined not only by resentment but by finding purpose in the pain he and everyone else are going through. He is eager to make all that suffering meaningful, which ultimately results in a better world. Eren is intelligent, manipulative, charismatic, and committed.

2. Mikasa Ackerman

Age: 15/19
Date Of Birth: February 10
Height: 170/172 cm

Eren’s right-hand partner Mikasa Ackerman is almost always next to the protagonist. Strong, fearless, and quiet, Mikasa is one of the surviving members of the Ackerman clan. Honey, this makes him a target. When he was 9 years old, human traffickers killed Mikasa’s parents and might have kidnapped the little girl if only Eren hadn’t suddenly bobbed his head to save her. Mikasa immediately returned the favor.

Mikasa’s personality is directly influenced by her relationship with Eren. He reflected on his friend’s harsh and outspoken nature. Although her physical abilities rank among the best in the universe, Mikasa’s obsessive loyalty to Eren gives her a huge blind spot that continues to challenge her as the story progresses.

3. Armin Arlert

Age: 15/19
Date Of Birth: November 3
Height: 162/165 cm

Armin Arlert completes the main trio of Attack on Titan. He stood with Eren and Mikasa. Usually behind other characters, Armin doesn’t really become himself until around season 3. At this point, the character’s strategic and analytical mind began to shine.

The delicate nature of Armin fits perfectly with the aggressive nature of Eren. Armin is often the voice of common sense. As the anime progresses, Armin is forced to assume the position of leader due to his analytical mind and determination to explore all avenues when faced with dilemmas. Despite experiencing many difficulties throughout the series, Armin has not changed much from his initial portrayal, unlike Eren.

4. Levi Ackerman

Age: 30-33/34-37
Date Of Birth: December 25
Height: 160 cm

It is undeniable, Levi is the most favorite character in Attack on Titan. He is the strongest fighter of the reconnaissance squad and serves as the captain of the squad. Determined to knock out an army of Titans if necessary, Levi did not hesitate to risk everything to protect human life. This is not only true of Titan, because Levi’s hatred of Kenny Ackerman, his evil uncle, is also very intense.

Ruthless in combat and keeping his distance outside the battlefield, Levi is a blood-soaked soldier who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He knew that most people could not cope with that burden. Attack on Titan is slowly revealing Levi’s background. He used to be a criminal before joining the reconnaissance squad. Levi was the kind of person who only followed orders from people he respected. In general, he is quite empathetic.

5. Zeke Jaeger

Age: 25/29
Date Of Birth: August 1
Height: 183 cm

Eren’s half-brother Zeke is introduced as the monkey Titan. He is the captain of Marley’s private Unit. Despite his alliance with Marley, Zeke cannot be trusted. He was primarily driven by his desire to get rid of Ymir’s subjects, all of whom were descendants of Ymir Fritz.

Highly intelligent, brutal, nihilistic, and manipulative, Zeke is a threat whether in the form of a monkey Titan or not. No one is safe from his anger. Zeke’s relationship