Pro TV issues a statement and apologizes for a racist act in ‘Esto es Guerra’: “It does not reflect our values”

Pro TV issues a statement and apologizes for a racist act in ‘Esto es Guerra’: “It does not reflect our values” [NEWS]


Pro TV statement on Gino’s racist comment. (America TV)

The production company that makes ‘This is war’ issued a statement this Thursday, May 25, after the embarrassing moment in which he starred Gino Assereto when comparing your partner ‘Chevy’ with a primate Those in charge of the program lamented the acts of discrimination that arose last May 23 during the ‘Guess It’ game.

The comment that the singer also launched caused great outrage on social networks and on some entertainment programs, where they strongly criticized him for calling the member of the combatants a “monkey”. “You, you. They tell you… uh, uh, uh”, expressed the ‘Shark’ making the sound of the animal, trying to make ‘Chevy’ guess the word that was on the palette.

Quickly, hundreds of users did not hesitate to express their annoyance with the words of Gino Assereto and they even asked to sanction it. “Gino Assereto calls Chevy cute and everyone takes it as a joke. We didn’t understand anything”, “Gino calling Chevy cute? The drivers, instead of clarifying it, made up the situation ”,“ Gino must be penalized for the ugly qualifier he used ”, were some of the comments on Twitter.

The Ministry of Culture and the Ombudsman’s Office even called on the National Radio and Television Society to take action on the matter regarding this specific case. Given the controversy that originated in ‘This is war’the producer PRO TV it was pronounced.

Gino Assereto sparks controversy for comparing his Chevy partner to an animal. This is War / America TV

The statement of PRO TV was disseminated in the latest edition of ‘Send who sends’which also belongs to the same production company. Those in charge of the América Televisión reality show rejected any act of discrimination and asked for a public apology.

“At Producciones PRO TV we respect and value the richness of our diversity, which is why we deeply regret the events that occurred in our EEG program on May 23, 2023 within the” Guess it “sequence with one of our participants,” it reads. in the first lines of the text.

“We offer our sincere apologies to all of our viewers, since said content does not reflect our principles and values, and We reject any act of discrimination”, they added, and then promised that the same thing would not happen again in future editions.

We commit ourselves, today more than ever, to ensure respect for cultural diversity and we offer our support to the people and institutions that fight against inequality, in favor of inclusion”, they sentenced.

Producer of This is War apologizes for acts of discrimination.  (Capture)
Producer of This is War apologizes for acts of discrimination. (Capture)

After the PRO TV statement, Gino Assereto appeared in ‘Send who sends’ to apologize to ‘Chevy’. The reality boy decided to come forward to accept the mistake he made in front of the cameras and pointed out that when he realized what he had said, he approached his partner to apologize privately.

“I am assuming my mistake. There is no justification for doing that stupid thing. I am ashamed. I made a mistake and didn’t measure it. At second two, I realized and I went over to ‘Chevy’ and I apologized. I feel sorry. I did not have a bad intention, I promise not to commit it again. I am one of the people who learns from their mistakes and their stupidities. I love the world as it is. I will never discriminate against anyone, ”he said.

In addition, Gino Assereto He assured that he respects all people of African descent and that now he is going to do his part so that this type of comment is no longer made on national television. The model also addressed america television and Pro Tv to apologize.

“I adore ‘Chevy’, and I respect all people of African descent. I didn’t have a bad intention. I will do my part so that it does not happen again. I apologize to ‘Chevy’, to ProTv and to América Televisión”, she declared.

Gino Assereto apologized for a racist comment on ‘EEG’. Command Who Commands / América TV