Print the highest rating, here’s a review of the drama ‘Revolutionary Sisters’ 2021


The weekend Korean drama has ended and ‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘ achieved the highest rating with 24.4 percent in the first part and 27.2 percent in the third part.

Besides the KBS drama ‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘, there is also the tvN drama ‘ Vincenzo ‘, and OCN’s ‘ Times ‘ achieved their respective highest ratings.

The latest KBS 2TV drama , ‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘ premiered on March 13, 2021.

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‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘ combines the genre of mystery thriller and comedy has a high rating that penetrated the previous 20 percent.

‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘ is a family drama that tells the story of all family members who are suspected of murdering their biological mother who are in the process of divorcing their father.

The first episode of ‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘ scored average nationwide ratings of 20.3 percent and 23.5 percent.

Then the 2nd episode of ‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘ experienced a significant increase with an average national rating rating of 23.4 percent and 26.0 percent.

Revolutionary Sisters ‘ (오케이 , Ok Kwangjamae) / “OK Kwang Sisters” directed by Lee Jin-Seo.

The scriptwriter is Moon Young-Nam, who several years ago worked on the screenplay for “Our Gab-Soon”.

Nonton Revolutionary Sisters (2021) Sub Indo, Full Episode -

Short synopsis of ‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘

While dealing with a divorce, a woman is murdered. Automatically all members of the nuclear family become suspects.

They are her husband, Lee Cheol Soo (played by Yun Ju Sang), and their three daughters: Lee Kwang Nam (played by Hong Eun Hee), Lee Kwang Sik (played by Jeon Hye Bin), and Lee Kwang Tae (played by Go Won). hey).

Cheol-Soo is a man who is strict and disciplined by the rules. It does not tolerate anyone who violates it. Including his children. That’s why he doesn’t get along with Kwang-Nam, Kwang-Sik, and Kwang-Tae.

Kwang Nam is the eldest daughter. He is selfish, always wants to win alone, and narcissistic. Not without reason.

Since childhood he was always spoiled excessively by his mother. It also culminated in his hatred for his father, whom he said had often made his mother suffer.

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Kwang Sik is the second daughter. With his intelligence and principles of life, he can get a job as a public official.

Although he didn’t get much love from his parents, Kwang Sik grew up to be a caring and empathetic person towards others.

Lastly is Kwang Tae, the youngest daughter. He is good at self-defense. Uninterested in marriage, Kwang-Tae supports himself by working part-time jobs.

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul (Kim Kyung-Nam) is a man who has dreamed of becoming a rock singer since childhood. He dropped out of school and went to the city of Seoul to pursue his dreams.

So far for KBS dramas , based on many audience reviews, ‘ Revolutionary Sisters is in control because of the cast.

With the cost of the cast of ‘ Revolutionary Sisters ‘ which is not “cheap” it is clear that this drama will be ogled.