Previous-class makeup notice…’Running Man’ 2023 NEW age notice coming soon

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kim Chae-yeon] The new age notice of ‘Running Man’ is revealed.

On SBS ‘Running Man’, which will be broadcast on the 14th, the final ‘2023 age notice’ concept will be revealed.

In the ‘Age Announcement Picture Exhibition I’ episode aired last week, each team showed their desired age announcement item as a picture, and with the stronger makeup and concept, viewers online said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve announced my age, so I’m back stronger”, “This time the team The chemistry is great” and so on.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.


In this week’s broadcast, the race to correct the picture is revealed, but the hidden mission to obtain the right to correct is revealed to reverse the atmosphere. In the appearance of Hidden Mission, Haha and Jeon So-min, ‘entertainment siblings’, said, “Let’s be the main character today!” It is said that Jeon So-min also left a bomb remark and started the engine with ‘betrayal siblings’.

Not only that, the members continue the drawing war at the dentist. While he was careless, a fresh collaboration makeup was created, predicting a laugh of the past. The identity of the picture that will decorate the end of the extraordinary age notice can be confirmed in ‘Running Man’, which is broadcasted at 6:15 pm on Sunday the 14th.

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