Preparing For Marriage, 2PM’s Changsung Is Worried About His Prospective Wife Being Pregnant In His 40s

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Chansung Plans To Hold A Wedding Earlier This Year. But The 33-Year-Old Singer Reportedly Carefully Chose The Wedding Date Due To The Impact Of The Pandemic.

After 2PM’s Chansung announced his marriage, it was revealed that his future wife was eight years older than the idol. SportTV News reported on January 25 that Chansung is preparing to marry his girlfriend who is eight years his senior.

Chansung plans to hold a wedding earlier this year. But the 33-year-old singer (by Korean reckoning) reportedly carefully chose the wedding date due to the impact of the pandemic.

According to reports, Chansung’s bride-to-be is eight years older than him and is not a celebrity. The two, who have an age difference of eight years, naturally decided to get married after dating for more than five years.

While planning their wedding, the couple confirmed the pregnancy of the future bride and groom. Considering the age of the bride and groom who is in their early 40s, it is reported that Chansung is worried that his partner will get pregnant at a rather late age.

After confirming his girlfriend’s pregnancy, Chansung decided to carefully inform fans about the marriage and pregnancy through his SNS. Reportedly, the two are more focused on health while preparing for the birth of their first child.

Meanwhile, in December last year, Chansung announced the shocking news of his marriage in a handwritten letter via his Instagram. He expressed his affection for the future bride and groom, introducing him as “a haven for my unstable mind for a long time, a friend and lover I can talk to about anything.”

Chansung, whose exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment has ended, is currently preparing for a new leap in his life. His former agency responded to this report with, “Our contract with Chansung ended on January 24. We ask for your understanding that this is difficult to confirm as this is the artist’s personal matter.

2PM Chansung Will Get Married And Have Children Soon, Netizens: Big 3 Young Papa Is Complete

Chansung Recently Shared That He Will Be Getting Married Soon. Before Chansung, EXO’s Chen And IKON’s Bobby Also Married Their Girlfriends Because They Were Pregnant First.

2PM’s Chansung brings both happy and surprising news. He announced his marriage to his non-celebrity lover. So how do netizens react?

Through a handwritten letter posted to Instagram, Chansung said that he would be getting married soon.

Before Chansung, EXO ‘s Chen and iKON ‘s Bobby also married their girlfriends because they were pregnant first. Chen is an idol made by SM Entertainment, while Bobby has a career under YG Entertainment.

Chen, who announced his marriage and his girlfriend’s pregnancy on his official fancafe in January last year, then threw his son’s first birthday party at a hotel in April. He apologized to fans, and continued to carry out various musical activities and build his career as a rapper.

“Chen SM, Bobby YG, Chansung JYP. Young papa is complete from Big 3,” commented netizens. I am very happy to be a part of his journey since youth and I am also glad he found a partner who will be with you forever. I will continue to support you and hope you have a beautiful life,” concluded another.