Premiere “365 Days: This Day”. It was supposed to be spicy, it’s grotesque


The day of the premiere of the continuation of the erotic hit was waiting for a multitude of fans around the world. “365 Days: This Day”, however, did not beat the original. Unless we’re talking about the number of embarrassing scenes The sex scenes will disappoint the viewers.

The movies first part of 365 Days: This Day ” 365 days 2 (2022) scenes ” ended in a dramatic way and the viewers did not know if the main character survived. However, in the continuation of the hit, the creators did not bother to explain this thread and in the second minute we get the Massimo and Laura sex scene just before the wedding. “Zwyrole, degenerates, lousy perverts” screams the bride’s friend who covers them. However, when a hot Italian tells her that she can join them next time, none of the ladies are impressed. Moments later, like an exemplary couple Massimo and Laura, get married – and how! – with a white veil and in the church.

It’s like a fairy tale, but the wedding night scene can disappoint the viewers. It lasts just over a minute and is just the germ of a wild sex fantasy. Then we get a cluster of “moments” of the happy couple during the honeymoon, although a moment later the young wife confides to her friend that in her new role she feels like her own mother. The latter adds that Laura is just an ordinary wife, so in order to go beyond the scheme, she has to give herself to Massimo in the way he likes. According to Blanka Lipińska’s vision, it is probably the best solution to problems in a relationship. Neither in this order nor in the composition, which should not be surprising for people who have seen or read “365 days“.

The lovers’ adventures do not differ from the plot of Venezuelan soap operas, and the farther into the forest the more grotesque. Viewers who want to watch Massimo and Laura in hot scenes will feel very disappointed. Unless they only need a picture of a golf course and stick a ball between the protagonist’s legs. Ultimately, out of a dozen or so close-ups, only a few were played by the lead actors. Classically, the whole movie does not lack naked female breasts, but we will not see a single penis. The only novelty in the characters’ frolics is the use of erotic gadgets. However, it cannot be denied that the erotic scenes in “365 Days: This Day” are boring.

Despite Netflix’s involvement in the production of the second part of Laura Biel’s adventures, the end result is not a bit better than the original. Still the biggest advantage of this production are great photos, picturesque landscapes, scenery and costumes. In turn, the editing is very chaotic, and the dialogues sometimes bring to mind “Hidden Truth”. My favorite fragment is when Ola’s fiancé tells her to calm down and she replies: “I can’t, because I’m Polish”.

You have to give Magdalena Lamparska, however, that she saves the whole film in terms of acting. Although her character is vulgar and melodramatic, at least she is the only one expressive. Natasza Urbańska as a villain is unconvincing , and Anna Maria Sieklucka … Well, she still owes her engagement only to a beauty similar to Blanka Lipińska.

In the movie “365 Days: This Day” Michele Morrone has fewer opportunities to show off his body and Italian temperament, he is partly relieved by Simone Susinna who plays the role of a mafioso gardener. Italian actors, although they are mainly the background for the rest, fulfill their task – they fit the image of a stereotypical Sicily, beautiful but also dark.

It was supposed to be world-class, and it turned out as professor Mamoń from “Rejs” said: “And in the Polish film, sir, it is like this: boredom … Nothing happens, sir. Nothing.” But out of curiosity, the mass of Netflix users around the world will definitely decide to check whether the second part of “365 days” will warm them up and the creators will be able to announce a turnout success again. It is also possible that the dream of Blanka Lipińska will come true and finally her “child” will receive the Golden Raspberry .