Premier League Update: Disappointed not to be looked at, Arsenal defender expensive sends mockery for Mikel Arteta


There was no rain, no lightning, suddenly Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta was attacked with mockery. The scathing comments came from William Saliba , an Arsenal player who was being ‘schooled’ to Marseille.

Eurosports released the player’s vent, which said Mikel Arteta never glanced at him at all. William Saliba admits that Arteta’s lack of attention has allowed him to keep trying to get up and find the best form of play.

Arsenal bought William Saliba from Saint-Etienne for 30 million euros or more than IDR 450 billion. At that time, the footballer who is now 20 years old has a charming record.

Unfortunately, when he was dressed as Arsenal, no one looked at his potential so he was stranded again in French Ligue 1, with Marseille. The figure of William Saliba is a central defender who had become a bone of contention for several big teams in the European region.

He almost joined Benfica, but Arsenal’s seduction made him succumb. Unfortunately, the decision did not bear fruit, and now William Saliba is only a ‘school boy’; If the report card is bad, you definitely have to be prepared to look for a new club.

Memory Zone
William Saliba reminisced about his time in the Arsenal first team. Bad luck always accompanies him, so that he doesn’t have time to feel the match in the English League. Now, he is enjoying a role at Marseille, after last season with Nice.

“When I was at Arsenal, I didn’t play in a span of six months, and that made me have to fight hard. In the end I don’t regret it, because it can be a valuable lesson to move forward,” said William Saliba.

One thing is for sure, William Saliba had spoken to him. “You are nothing, so don’t expect much even though your price is expensive. That’s a sentence from my brain. And it’s true, that’s why I’m happy to be able to prove myself outside Arsenal,” he said.

William Saliba considers Arsenal’s behavior towards him to be a valuable experience with a positive tone. Unfortunately, he still satirizes Mikel Arteta who didn’t invite him in the 2021 summer transfer market.

Hard work
“I want to play in every game. That’s what I did at Nice and Marseille, the results can be seen now, and I’m confident.”

William Saliba’s current condition with Marseille has received the attention of many parties. Several media in England gave suggestions, William Saliba should think about his future with Arsenal under Mikel Arteta’s control.

If you want to return to Arsenal , William Saliba must work hard to get a place in the first team. Currently, Emirates Stadium mainstay center backs are Ben White and Gabriel.