Premier League: Thomas Tuchel’s confession, Chelsea negotiations with Antonio Rudiger deadlocked


Chelsea’s chances of keeping Antonio Rudiger are very small. Negotiations carried out by the Chelsea club management with the German player are reportedly deadlocked.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel provides updates on Antonio Rudiger’s new contract. He admitted that the negotiation process for the player’s new contract did not go smoothly.

Although actually Rudiger is one of Chelsea’s key players at this time. Since Thomas Tuchel became the coach of the Blues, Rudiger became a strong wall for Chelsea’s defense.

But Chelsea is currently made giddy by the defender. The reason is that he is still reluctant to renew his contract at Chelsea, considering his contract runs out in 2022.

“Yes, the situation is still like that,” explained Thomas Tuchel, who confirmed the dead end of Rudiger’s negotiations as quoted by Goal International .

Important Player
Tuchel insists that he and Chelsea want to keep Rudiger. He said the defender was an important part of his team.

That’s why Chelsea’s management has tried to renew his contract. Although so far there has been no good response from the defender.

“We want him to stay here. Our message is very clear and he knows what we want,” said Tuchel.

Struggling to Move
According to Tuchel, his side has done everything in its power to keep Rudiger. They have given the best offer for the defender.

But from Rudiger’s side, he called it less cooperative. So that the negotiation situation is not smooth.

“In a negotiation process like this sometimes there are delays. Meanwhile we are experiencing delays in negotiations and that is the decision,” he said.

SalaryAccording to news circulating, Rudiger actually wants to stay at Chelsea. But he was not satisfied with Chelsea’s salary offer.

The former AS Roma player is reportedly asking for a salary of around 190 thousand pounds or IDR 3.4 billion per week. While Chelsea only want to pay him 130 thousand pounds per week.

Premier League: Bad, Antonio Rudiger hasn’t given certainty about his future at Chelsea

The future for Chelsea’s tough German defender , Antonio Rudger, seems to have yet to see a bright spot. The former AS Roma player is still not interested in signing a new contract to extend his tenure at Stamford Bridge.

Antonio Rudiger is an important pillar in Chelsea’s defense , especially after Thomas Tuchel arrived at the beginning of 2021. He looks very fluent in guarding a defense with a three-back format.

Thanks to his presence, Chelsea rarely conceded goals. In the Premier League, they have only conceded four goals in 11 games. This is what makes the club nicknamed the Blues can top the current standings.

The problem is, Chelsea are in danger of losing Rudiger at the end of this season. His contract at Stamford Bridge expires next summer and several clubs are reportedly interested in using his services.

If the new contract is not finalized, then Antonio Rudiger could leave Chelsea and join another club that is also hunting him a lot.

Haven’t Think of the Future
Several reports suggest that Rudiger and Chelsea have yet to reach an agreement on wages. It is known that the player is asking for a fee of £200,000 per week – something Chelsea do not want to fulfill.

If it continues, Rudiger could leave Stamford Bridge and Chelsea would not pocket the money from his departure. The situation is increasingly uncertain because Rudiger himself does not think about what will happen in his future.

Focus for the Blues
When met with Welt am Sonntag, Rudiger was also asked about the possibility of the player having a career in the Bundesliga again, like when he was at VfB Stuttgart. And again, the 28-year-old gave an uncertain answer.

“Right now I’m only focused on Chelsea. We’ll see what happens later,” he concluded.

At least, there is some good news for Chelsea about Rudiger. While defending the German national team against Albania recently, he received a yellow card which forced him to miss the last match in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Thus, he could return to Stamford Bridge sooner than expected. His presence is very much needed, because Chelsea will meet Leicester City in the Premier League once the international week ends.