Premier League: This Chelsea midfielder is expected to make Romelu Lukaku fierce again


The figure of Romelu Lukaku has been in the spotlight because lately he has often been parked on the bench by Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel. This situation became a debate because the Blues spent a lot of money to bring him from Inter Milan.

Has Romelu Lukaku ‘s Chelsea career really been hopeless? If you look at the Blues squad, there is one player who is believed to be able to make Lukaku fierce again. Who is he?

As adapted from Football London, Wednesday (15/12/2021), Carefree Chelsea editor, Scott Clayton, spoke with Carefree Chelsea writer Jake Stokes (JS), about this figure. Jake Stokes believes the Croatian midfielder, Mateo Kovacic, can help Lukaku come back sharp again in front of the opponent’s goal.

Kovacic has been out for a long time in the Chelsea squad. He has been out since October 2021 with a hamstring injury. Two weeks ago, Kovacic was reported to have recovered from injury and started training.

However, on December 7, 2021, the midfielder was exposed to Covid-19 and had to undergo quarantine. The comeback had to be postponed.

The absences of Kovacic and N’Golo Kante have greatly affected Chelsea’s recent form. The Blues have become difficult to win in the last few matches. Stokes also believes Kovavic’s absence has an impact on Lukaku’s performance.

Of course, the return of Trevoh Chalobah is also pleasant. Kovacic is a player I really hope to return soon. I think he is another player who is sometimes underappreciated. He is a little neglected,” said Stokes.

“I’m interested to see what he does when he comes back. He’s had a great start to the season and it’s disappointing to see him miss so many games when he’s been playing so well.”

“Thinking about what he can do when he comes back, he can come back and even make Romelu Lukaku sharp again,” added Stokes.

More and more marginalized
Romelu Lukaku has not been able to show his spurs as a goal-hungry forward. Even after being hit by an injury, he still hasn’t found sharpness.

Romelu Lukaku has rarely had the chance to play for Chelsea in recent weeks. Meanwhile, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel chose to reserve his best striker.

Even though Lukaku is a new Chelsea purchase this summer at a price that is not cheap. He was brought in from Inter Milan in the hope of fixing Chelsea’s problems in attack.

This decision had proved right at the start of the season. Lukaku had a good first few weeks, kept scoring goals and looked like the player Chelsea needed.

However, Romelu Lukaku was hit by an injury and since then he has struggled to break into the starting XI again. So far, the former Manchester United player has only scored five goals and one assist from 15 appearances in all competitions.

Thomas Tuchel held accountable
Lukaku’s situation has also caught the attention of former Premier League striker, Gabriel Agbonlahor. According to him, Thomas Tuchel should be more responsible in the decision regarding Lukaku.

“I think Thomas Tuchel should be reprimanded, because I saw Lukaku, a striker worth 97 million pounds, again sitting on the bench,” Agbonlahor said in the Express , Tuesday (12/14/2021).

“He only missed 78 minutes in four Premier League games. Lukaku hasn’t been sidelined for five months, he’s only missed five games,” he said.

“I’ve experienced the same thing.