Premier League: Talking about Dark Times at Manchester United, Romelu Lukaku is outspoken about his comeback to Chelsea


Romelu Lukaku admitted that Chelsea was the only team he had in mind when he asked for Inter Milan to sell. He also mentioned his dark time while playing for Manchester United.

Speaking to HLN, Romelu Lukaku was outspoken about his decision to join Chelsea. According to him, it was the seriousness of the Blues that made him melt and willing to join.

“I would just leave Inter Milan to join Chelsea,” said Lukaku.

“Kids love Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United. Chelsea, for me, everyone knows how much this club means.”

“Why did I say yes? I realized Chelsea was very serious, as evidenced by three offers despite being rejected back and forth. If I’m not mistaken the first 100 million euros, then 105 million euros, and finally 110 million euros. There I realized that they were not kidding,” he said again.

Dark Time in MU
Lukaku continued his outburst while alluding to his dark time at Manchester United. Inter Milan is considered to be the savior of his career.

After the debt was paid off by winning the Scudetto title, then Lukaku intended to return to Chelsea. He even pleaded with coach Simone Inzaghi.

“I’m at a bottom point at Manchester United. I don’t want to hurt Inter Milan (by returning to Old Trafford) who has helped me,” Lukaku continued.

“After training, I went to Simone Inzaghi’s room. I was afraid to spoil the team atmosphere, but honestly, my head was not at Milan. So I asked him: ‘please reach an agreement (with Chelsea)’.”

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Not Too Bad
Lukaku’s words may sound exaggerated. Because his career at Manchester United individually is not as bad as imagined.

Two years at United from July 2017 to August 2019, the Belgian striker scored 42 goals in 96 appearances. That does not include the 13 assists he recorded.

Lukaku now plays for Chelsea and immediately proved his love with a goal on his second ‘debut’ in a 2-0 win over Arsenal.

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Humble, Romelu Lukaku refuses to be compared to Cristiano Ronaldo

In the 2022 World Cup Qualifying match for the European zone which was held in the middle of last week, Cristiano Ronaldo set a record by scoring his 111th goal for the Portugal national team and making himself the top scorer in international football, surpassing the record of 109 goals belonging to Iranian legend, Ali Daei.

Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku scored twice as he brought the Belgian national team to beat Estonia with a score of 5-2. Now Romelu Lukaku has recorded 66 goals at the international level.

The success of scoring two goals for Belgium in the international match last midweek has made Romelu Lukaku compared to Cristiano Ronaldo who also managed to score two goals for Portugal.

However, it turns out, Romelu Lukaku is not too comfortable with the comparison. What did he say?

Romelu Lukaku’s refusal
At only 28 years old, many predict Romelu Lukaku can break Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal record someday. However, the new Chelsea star dismissed these comparisons.

“Never compare me to Cristiano Ronaldo.

I wouldn’t say he is in first to third, but he is there,” he said.

Just Feeling Lucky
After two seasons of competing in the Serie A goalscoring list, now Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo will continue their rivalry to the Premier League. Lukaku feels lucky to be able to feel that way.

That’s all good for English football.”

“The rest, comparing stats and all that, is pointless,” he said.

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