Premier League Schedule This Weekend: London Derby, Spurs Vs Chelsea


The Premier League schedule this weekend is entering its fifth week. There are some exciting matches, the London Derby Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea and West Ham vs MU.
The Premier League schedule this weekend has seven matches on Saturday (18/9) and three matches on Sunday (19/9). The Premier League will enter its fifth week.

In the Premier League standings , Manchester United is at the top with 10 points. However, the Red Devils are closely affixed by Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton with the same points only on goal difference.

In the English Premier League this weekend there are three big teams playing on Saturday (18/9) at 21.00 WIB. They are Manchester City vs Southampton, Liverpool vs Crystal Palace, and Burnley vs Arsenal.

City again in a positive trend after sweeping the last three games. Crystal Palace are also on the rise and could make things difficult for Liverpool.

Arsenal have just won their first win after losing the first three games. Can the Gunners find the momentum?

On Sunday (19/9) there is an exciting match between West Ham United vs Manchester United at 20.00 WIB. West Ham had led the standings but slipped by winning a draw in the last two games. MU will certainly return to rely on its new player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Then at 22.30 WIB there is the London Derby Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea. The duel of these two teams must be full of prestige!

Spurs again slipped with a 0-3 defeat to Palace at the Premier League weekend yesterday. Meanwhile, Chelsea continues to achieve positive results, especially with the arrival of bomber Romelu Lukaku.

Premier League schedule this weekend:

Saturday (18/9)

Newcastle United vs Leeds United at 02.00 WIB
Wolves vs Brentford at 18.30 WIB
Norwich City vs Watford at 21.00 WIB
Burnley vs Arsenal at 21.00 WIB
Manchester City vs Southampton at 21.00 WIB
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace at 21.00 WIB
Aston Villa vs Everton at 23.30 WIB

Sunday (19/9)

Brighton vs Leicester City at 20.00 WIB
West Ham United vs Manchester United at 20.00 WIB
Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea at 22.30 WIB.

Lukaku is tipped to be the top scorer in the Champions League

Romelu Lukaku immediately looked sharp upon his return to Chelsea this summer. He has already opened his goal account in the Champions League .
Romelu Lukaku returned to Chelsea from Inter Milan in the transfer market last summer for 115 million euros. The 28-year-old striker immediately scored three goals from his first three appearances in the Premier League this season.

He continued that trend by scoring Chelsea’s winning goal over Zenit St Petersburg on Matchday 1 of the Champions League , Wednesday (16/9/2021) early morning hrs. His goal in the 69th minute ensured the Blues won 1-0.

Former Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole believes Romelu Lukaku is now home with maturity and an aura of leadership. His long experience venturing with Everton, Manchester United and Inter Milan made him even more lethal on the pitch.

Joe Cole championed him to be the top scorer in the Champions League this season.

“Comparison with Didier Drogba is inevitable because of the position they play. But what I see from him now is the leadership role that Drogba also had in the past,” he told BT Sport, quoted by Metro .

“You can see how the other players respond to him and his presence on the pitch. I think he is watching Drogba and seeing how great he is as a player and a leader.”

“Lukaku and Chelsea are very compatible. He is a serious package now. I think he will be the top scorer in the Champions League this season,” added Cole.