Premier League: Romelu Lukaku Retired Celebrates Knee Slide, Afraid or Not Strong enough to Be Embarrassed?


Bomber goal-hungry Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku announced that he would not again celebrate a goal by sliding over the surface of the lawn using the knee.

Romelu Lukaku performed extraordinary by scoring two goals when Chelsea defeated Aston Villa 3-0 in the Premier League 2021/22 match week four, Saturday (11/9/2021).

Thanks to the addition of these two goals, Lukaku has now recorded three goals for Chelsea since being recruited from Inter Milan in the transfer window last summer.

After scoring the first goal against Aston Villa, Lukaku looked very emotional and celebrated by sliding on his knee.

Unfortunately, Lukaku’s glide was not smooth. Instead of celebrating elegantly, the Belgian striker had to fall, an incident that looks hilarious.

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Through his personal Twitter account, Lukaku also stated that he was retiring from celebrating this style, “No more sliding on my knees after yesterday’s celebration,”

Follow Eden Hazard’s Steps
In 2018, a former Chelsea star who is also Lukaku’s teammate in the Belgian national team, Eden Hazard also stated that he would no longer celebrate gliding using his knee.

Celebrating gliding on his knees is Hazard’s trademark at Chelsea. However, he no longer did it because it made him feel the pain too strong.

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Premier League: Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner will be a deadly duo at Chelsea

Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel, believes the arrival of Romelu Lukaku will not make Timo Werner nervous. Tuchel said that Lukaku and Werner would be a deadly duo in the Blue London team’s attack line.

Chelsea management spent up to 97.5 million pounds to redeem Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan. The return of Lukaku in the summer of this year is expected to boost the power of the Blues.

The Belgian national team player was able to prove his sharpness. Lukaku managed to gain one goal from two matches that have been undertaken in the Premier League this season.

However, the presence of Romelu Lukaku is believed to eliminate Timo Werner from the front lines. The idea is clear because Werner is supposed to be a striker.

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Good couple
So far, Tuchel seems to trust Lukaku more. Werner has had to start Chelsea’s last two games off the bench. Even so, Tuchel insisted there was no decision whatsoever.

“I am sure that we will find a match and a solution to play both. We have played with two strikers, Timo and Romelu Lukaku can make a good pair,” said Tuchel.

“Timo likes to play with a partner who is the focal point up front and Romelu is the focal point of our attack, because he is big and tall,” he added.

Help Timo Werner
The problem lies in the development of Werner. Tuchel believes the German striker has extraordinary talent, but just can’t get the most out of it at Chelsea.

“The most important thing is that Timo can find a rhythm, find confidence and joy so that he can make his way into the team,” continued Tuchel.

“We have a squad with not too many players, but we have high-quality players and high ambitions, Timo is a player we can count on.”