Premier League: MU Prepares IDR 745 Billion to Transport Matheus Cunha from Atletico Madrid


Manchester United ( MU ) according to talkSPORT reports intends to bring Matheus Cunha from Atletico Madrid. The 23-year-old is considered a solution to sharpen the Red Devils’ front line.

Manchester United ( MU ) is said to have provided £42 million (Rp745 billion) to recruit Matheus Cunha. Manager Erik ten Hag is believed to have been impressed by Matheus Cunha’s performance at Atletico Madrid.

Matheus Cunha last season scored seven goals in 27 games for Atletico Madrid. The Brazilian player is considered a long-term asset for MU.

There is no plan to exchange Matheus Cunha with Cristiano Ronaldo. MU hopes to recruit Matheus Cunha with the costs already provided.

Manchester United ( MU ) will not be easy in recruiting Matheus Cunha. The player has a long-term contract with Atletico Madrid.

Matheus Cunha is under contract until June 30, 2026. Most likely, Atletico will not let go of the player for an easy fee.

MU is still waiting for a response from Atletico regarding the plan to recruit Matheus Cunha. The negotiation process is expected to be completed in the near future.

Selling Ronaldo?
Manchester United is believed to be trying to find fans of Cristiano Ronaldo. Manager Erik ten Hag is willing to sell the player before the transfer window closes.

Ronaldo also seems to be fed up with the situation at MU. Currently, both parties are waiting for the best solution in the transfer market this summer.

Manchester United performed poorly at the start of the 2022/2023 season. The Old Trafford camp lost to Brighton & Hove Albion and Brentford.

Matheus Cunha report card
Matheus Cunha has a long experience as a footballer. Matheus Cunha is recorded as having played for FC Sion, RB Leipzig, Hertha Berlin, and Atletico Madrid.

His performance improved when defending Herta Berlin for the 2020-2021 range. The 23-year-old has scored 12 goals in 39 matches.

Matheus Cunha also made his debut in the Brazilian national team in 2021. In seven matches, Matheus Cunha has not been able to score a goal.

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